Meet Sabrina

Where do you begin to tell someone about who you are when there is so much to tell? It can be an overwhelming task, but you must look deep in your core and define what makes you who you are. When I sit in the quiet of my home, alone and listening to relaxing instrumentals, my heart always opens to my faith. It is in the blissful stillness of these moments that I am who I am supposed to be and that is a beloved daughter of a king. Not just any king, but my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through his watchful care and intimate love, he blessed me with the gifts of creativity through the lenses of art, photographs, and words.

In the past, regrettably, I have attempted to compartmentalize my gifts and force them into society’s “boxes” of what it expects them to be, but in doing so I found my gifts stifled and they became stale. Until one day I surrendered to my calling of being more than I had allowed myself to be due to fear. I am Sabrina, and I am a gifted photographer, painter, illustrator, author, and all around modern day Renaissance woman. My mediums are capturing what I see through the lens of a camera, altering those images in Photoshop and Lightroom to further draw out their beauty, or using them as references in Procreate and Corel Painter to create art.

Art that has depth, dimension, emotions, and messages of God’s love notes to myself and others. In the process of creating the visual representations of what God allows me to see then emerge stories that must be written down and shared. The most mundane things in life can trigger my imagination and send me into a flurry of work. Inspiration can come from the light dancing on the leaves in the trees, a song playing on the radio, a scent, children playing etc. Daily I am bombarded with these love notes from his Majesty on High and I do my best to share in his creation by representing them through my gifts. With that said, thank you for landing here and entering in to my world of creativity. Feel free to look around, be inspired, and carry these love notes with you. Sabrina

Sabrina is the wife of her love JJ, mother of Aidan and Gracie, and worshipped companion of Snickers the spaniel. She is a graduate of Mars Hill University with a BA in English, minors in both Regional and Women’s Studies and devoted daughter of Rev. Ronald & Edna Greene. Her place of worship is Panther Creek Baptist located deep within the blue hills of the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Her hobbies include reading anything she can get her hands on, watching documentaries, listening to an eclectic playlist, and basking in the quiet moments of life. And when all else fails in life there is always chocolate!