Memories of Mop & Glo

View From My Grandmother's Front Porch

I don’t know why I remember my mother and grandmother waxing the floor of her house in the summer heat. They always chose to wax my grandmother’s hardwood floors in the sweat-soaked dog days

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Poppin Poppies

Poppin Poppies-Sabrina L. Greene-2

“Some day I am going to stop and take a picture of those flowers,” is what I tell myself every single year as I drive back and forth to Asheville, NC. One thing that I love about my state is

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Sunset at the Divide

Great Smoky Mountains Divide Sunset-Sabrina L. Greene

If left to my own devices I would be a happy hermit. This past week I happily kept myself inside and focused on research and study.  However, when my husband finished up all he had to do Saturday afternoon

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