Who Is In Control of My Life

With gold as pure and radiant as the sun itself, there is a throne and it is adorned with flawless stones that reflect its glory. It sits high upon a pedestal of three steps with a carpet of rich velvet and ornate tapestries draping each side. The very ambiance of the room exudes authority, power, and something more. The feeling is otherworldly and not tangible, yet here you are in this room that lacks description as only a mortal being, and you ascend and sit upon the imperial seat.

This is how I like to imagine the throne room of power in my life.

The throne room of your heart and soul is a sacred place that resides within each of us. What happens here determines the path of our lives and the choices that we make. However you chose to describe this room, lies within each of your imaginations, but we must describe it through our own toolboxes and lenses of experience.

Everyone Has a Toolbox

In college, I minored in Regional Studies and fell in love with a local author, Ron Rash, and I dare say that I have read nearly every one of his works. I also had the distinct pleasure of meeting him and speaking with him on several occasions. At one event I attended he said something that has stuck with me and paralleled what I was learning through my required liberal arts curriculum at Mars Hill University, and that was, “In learning to study the region in which you live you, in turn, you learn to study the world through the same toolbox.”

The way he phrased it caused my mind to connect the dots, per se, as to why my University was requiring everyone to take a set of courses that they lovingly referred to at the time as a toolbox. Throughout the required program of study, we were being taught to think critically and to develop our own set of tools to examine life and thought. However, whether you have had the opportunity of experiencing higher education and differing schools of thought each one of us still has a unique toolbox.

sabrinalgreene_throne sketch

Sketch of My Throne Room

Through this toolbox, we process our surroundings, make judgments, react to stimulants etc. That is why someone might laugh at one situation while another might cry at it. We are all individual in this sense and it makes us who we are. We live our lives through our individual toolboxes.

But in the sacredness of our soul if we are still and quiet we can sense something more. We can sense in that throne room that maybe we are not really in control and that we do not know everything but perhaps someone or something does.

Could there be something else in control?

Have you ever pondered the intricate and stunning beauty of nature? How did it get here? Nature itself is proof of a creator. There is no way that all that is around us just happened from chaos and nothing. If you were to smash a watch and put it into a Ziploc bag and shake it non-stop for the rest of your life that watch is not going to put itself back together.

So, if there is a creator why do we sit on the thrones of our own souls?

I would venture to say that the Creator’s toolbox is better than ours because he understands why and how he made us. God is separate from His creation and exists outside of it but is also in it. I know that sounds confusing, but it is true. He is omnipresent and can see things and plans them without our input because we are limited.

We are limited to our own little toolboxes that are individually created and tinted with our own experiences. Therefore, would it not be to our benefit to allow God to reign in our hearts and guide us since he knows more than us?

Yes, it would.

You see when we sit upon the thrones of our own souls we use our toolboxes to the best of our abilities, but they can only take us so far. Often, when we use our tools without full knowledge we mess things up. It reminds me of when my Dad gets excited about a household project and a day or two into it things have turned into a hot mess. I love him, but he is no expert at being a handyman, as a matter of fact, I have seen him break a crowbar. We always tell him to get some expert help before he starts but a lot of the time he doesn’t. Then after the disaster has started he calls someone in that knows what they are doing when it could have been avoided in the first place.

The same disasters can happen to each of us when we decide to hop up on our own thrones and rule our kingdoms. I’m just as guilty as the next person for being my own queen. However, I will tell you that when I get off the throne and let my creator sit upon it life goes smoother.

What about you? Who sits upon the throne of your heart today?

It is a deep thought and question to ponder and one that should be reflected upon seriously.

I know that for me I chose to let Jesus rule and sit on that throne, at least most of the time when I don’t try to get up there and nudge him off.

Thanks for dropping by and until next time be blessed.

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