Photography by Sabrina

For Sabrina, everything including her artwork, began when she took her first course in digital photography when she was in college. Having always been fascinated with the arts but afraid to try them, she finally decided to give photography a chance. Little did she know it was going to become her career.

Sabrina specializes in Fine Art Photography focusing on weddings, special events, engagements, elopements, destination weddings, portraits, headshots and more.

Yet, you will still find her out and about often taking photographs as references for her artwork and personal projects. You can find her own collections on her photography blog.

After her initial course in photography, she quickly discovered the world of image manipulation through Photoshop and Lightroom. For over two years she studied both retouching and Photoshop. In fact, she poured her energy so heavily into photo manipulation that she pulled back from traditional photographic study for a time.

After mastering Photoshop, and developing an amazing skill set, she threw herself into learning everything she possibly could get her hands on about cameras, posing, and lighting.

It was only after learning off-camera flash that she felt she was finally ready to begin offering her services professionally.

“I never wanted to take a chance of messing up someone’s images from an important event such as a wedding,” she said when asked why it took her so long to step out on her own. “You cannot get those moments back or reshoot them and I care deeply for my clients. Therefore, I did not want to ‘learn’ on others but instead take the time to perfect my craft.”

Her photography is also influenced by her studies in art. Depending on her subject you will find those influences creeping in via her posing and how she finishes her images.

If you are looking for a talented photographer with an artistic and colorful vision you cannot go wrong with Sabrina. She is one of a kind!


Sabrina's Art & Illustration

Enter the imaginative world of Sabrina’s art and illustrations. Here you will find her hybrid art inspired by all things that catch her eye. She is an avid reader, so you never know what will pop up next in her series of Fantasy & Fairytale inspired paintings. Near her art studio at home, she has collected volumes of classic fairytales, myths, legends and more from all over the world.

On another note, she is also frequently inspired by the region in which she resides. Being a native of Western North Carolina deep within the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains led her to create another series titled “Smoky Mountain Heritage.” Sabrina studied regional studies for many years at Mars Hill University. Her thesis upon graduation was about local writers of the Southern Appalachians. As an artist, she often reflects about her childhood in Haywood & Madison Counties and the stories of her elders. Many evenings were spent on her Grandmother’s front porch listening to how she grew up. She has deep roots in this region and explores them through her vision of the past in her art.

Finally, Sabrina also creates commissioned portraits of pets and people. This stems from her being a wedding and portrait photographer. Her portrait paintings are strongly influenced by the impressionistic era of art history. Along with her collections of myth and fantasy in her studio, the other side is volumes of classic painters. Masters such as Monet, Renoir, John Singer Sargent, Degas and more.

Sabrina’s art is also heavily influenced by her background in mixed media work as well.

Upon entering her online art world you will find information about commissioning your own custom portrait paintings, galleries, and even her current sketches and inspiration on her art blog.

One thing is guaranteed, it will be a lively world of color!

Sabrina Serves the Following Areas

The Great Smoky Mountains • Asheville • Waynesville • Charlotte • Hendersonville • North Carolina • Gatlinburg • Pigeon Forge • Sevierville • Greenville • And Destination Weddings & Portraits