10 Reasons you Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

The question is not if pictures will be involved on your wedding day, but who will take them. All the months of preparation lead up to one beautiful day, and how that day is captured is up to you, however; it would be in your best interest to learn why hiring a professional wedding photographer can change your wedding day. The visual memories you have of it will be what you look back on for a lifetime. Here are 10 reasons to consider using a professional photographer to celebrate your new relationship’s milestone.

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Put plainly, you want good-quality images!

Professional photographers have studied their camera and their craft for years. They know how to change camera settings and manipulate lighting to ensure you have the best quality images possible. An amateur photographer might not know how to shoot pictures with a professional camera. The settings being used can directly impact the quality of the photos and their ability to be edited and printed. In other words, using an auto setting will not guarantee print-worthy imagery.

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Photographers have shot multiple events, and they know how this works

A professional’s experience are what makes them a professional! They know the flow of a wedding day, where to be for important moments, and when to be there. They will know best how to ensure the most essential moments get captured. They know how to adjust for surprises and changes in weather, lighting, and schedules. You will already have enough to worry about on such a big day, don’t waste any of your worries about whether your special memories are being captured!

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You'll want to live in your wedding moments

Have you ever been to a concert and been so concerned with recording your favorite song that you forgot to enjoy the moment? You don’t want to have that feeling after your wedding day is over. And honestly, a family member or close friend should be able to be present with you during the experience as well. A professional will remember your requests and take images you didn’t know you needed! You won’t have to be worried about reminding your photographer to capture unique instances; you’ll just be able to enjoy what the day brings you.

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You won't want to ask, "Did you get that?"

There will be moments on your wedding day that can’t be repeated; no redos. Your walk down the aisle, first kiss as a married couple, first dance, cake cutting …etc. You’ll want the real genuine moments to keep and cherish forever. Don’t leave this up to chance! It can be stressful to capture an unrepeatable moment, but a professional has got you covered.  

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They can guide you through your day with ease

Again, they’ve been there and done that. This might be your first time but it’s not theirs. They know how to lead you through poses that will make you the most comfortable and look the best you can for all body types. For some, getting a picture taken can be stress-inducing. Professionals know how to destress this process and ensure you look how you always dreamed you would on your wedding day. Also, even though none of us wish for something out of our control to happen on your wedding day, professionals know how to deal with difficult situations.

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Photographers will commit to you

Their job is to capture your wedding day and provide you with the best images they possibly can. Professionals don’t take this job lightly. They will use a contract to ensure you are comfortable and understand what you want and what will be provided before the event starts so your mind can be at ease. And as for me, I make it my utmost responsibility to care for my client’s needs above all others.

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You can rely on them

They are not only committed through the contract, but they are eager to do their best. You can rely on a professional to be on time and be ready to capture important moments. They will not be distracted by all the events a guest or other vendor would be involved with. Their job is to document the beauty and emotion they see, nothing else.

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You'll want your story to withstand the test of time!

Have you ever looked through your parent’s wedding album? Your pictures will be around for future generations of family to see, so you want to ensure they hold up over time! A professional will ensure that your images are high quality and that they communicate and tell the story of your wedding. People who weren’t even there that day should be able to read the story of your day and feel the emotion through your pictures.

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The pictures will look good on all platforms

You’ll want to share your photos with everyone you know! And why shouldn’t you? They have the knowledge and expertise to take export images correctly that can be blown up into various print sizes that you hang on a wall in your home. Or they can export them precisely for social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram. Behind-the-scenes images have to be manipulated for resolution for various social media platforms. A printable image will not be formatted like a sharable social media image. A professional can guide you through this and provide you with all the image types you desire.

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You'll wish you did when it's too late

Nobody wants to wait in anticipation for their wedding photos and then be disappointed. You don’t want to realize when it’s too late that critical moments were missed or the quality of the images are too bad for printing or enlarging. Or you don’t look the way you envisioned. Enjoy your day and eliminate your stress and worry by booking a professional. I cannot tell you how often people have told me they regret not contacting me or another professional to document their love story. I hear it several times a year, and it is heartbreaking.

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As you can see, hiring a professional photographer should be one of your top priorities when planning your wedding event. In fact, most couples hire their photographer immediately after booking their venue. Now that you know why you should hire one, I invite you to learn more about my wedding services here. But don’t forget a photographer is only one part of planning your wedding day! From personal experience, I can also tell you that having a professional hair and makeup artist is also important; my go-to team is Fab Flawless Hair and Makeup Artistry out of Asheville, NC.

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