Who is Sabrina L. Greene?

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Greetings! I am Sabrina Greene-Rusk, a passionate photographer, a true daughter of Western North Carolina, mother to two wonderful children, and the cherished wife of my dear husband, JJ. Our life together often feels like a vibrant tapestry of creativity, with JJ beautifully keeping pace, supporting my artistic pursuits with laughter, assistance, and unending love.

 I was born and raised in this land, a lineage tracing back to the 1600s when my ancestors journeyed here from Scotland and England. To say my connection with this land is profound would barely touch the surface of my deep-rooted bond with these Appalachian hills.

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My passion lies in uncovering the rich tapestry of the Southern Appalachian region. This interest has blossomed into a non-profit initiative, Southern Appalachian Women (SAW), dedicated to exploring the diverse narratives of women from the Native American era to the early 1900s. Immersed in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge, I relish the opportunity to learn from local history, literature, and the numerous enchanting locales of my home.

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Most of my clients are from out of state, and I find great joy in sharing the beauty and wisdom of my homeland with them. At the heart of my everyday life, you’ll find me relishing time with my family and my delightful Papillon-mix rescue pup, Pixel. Or digging in local university archives, reading, or planning exciting shoots with my adopted Appalachian Sisters. With a home that often resembles a library, we’re never short of fascinating discoveries and new ideas to create.

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Over the years, I have cultivated a broad and diverse skill set, covering obsessed reading of literature, creative writing, studying art, design, and much more. My passion for technology and books feeds into this learning journey. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, I made it a priority to master various skills that I felt necessary to provide the highest quality service to my clients. For example, I never offered a paid service until I had mastered off-camera lighting.

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I have an enduring fascination with the art of photography as a storytelling outlet, a journey that began in 2004 during an undergraduate course at Mars Hill University. I never anticipated it would become my career then. My creative journey has also seen me spend almost three years studying with an original Photoshop Beta Tester to master editing, studying painting techniques with Heather Chinn, and running a custom art framing shop for five years. These experiences have deepened my love for creating and capturing beauty, and I am eager to share this passion with you.

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