Ara In the Wood-Part 1

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“If only I could change the circumstances of my life,” she sighed and mumbled quietly to herself. The sun was beginning to drift lazily into the early onset of the evening right before the sky painted it into the quilted solitude of night. She needed quiet and had shrouded herself in a heavy cloak to prepare herself in case it was late when she journeyed back.

Following a faint path, undoubtedly created by the woodland creatures, she had come upon an ambling waterfall. The cool mist had halted her journey and she had rested for quite some time under its watchful care.

In her time there she has carefully picked her way through the moss-covered stones, exploring each one. Murming to herself she wondered aloud if they had any wisdom to share with her, “Oh, if these stones could only tell me their stories! How their journeys had started years ago as mighty boulders and ended up here, asleep under the bathing falls.” The lady did not know that they had heard her murmurings and passed her playful request to drift amid the leaves in the wood to the sprites.

As she stood wearily to leave a curious light caught her eye and startled her. She scrambled to hide behind a tree for she had never witnessed such a sight. “Am I seeing things,” she whispered while attempting to mold herself to the form of the bark. “Come out! Come out to play!” The flittering light beckoned to her and at that moment she realized she was not imagining what was happening.

The sphere glowed and moved towards her, “We have heard your plea and want teach you our wisdom, will you come?” She paused, “It is late and I must return home to everyone,” the lady half-heartedly said. She didn’t really want to return home for she had come here for isolation but duty reluctantly forced her to say this aloud.

Duty, that one word weighed heavily upon her shoulders and nearly forced her to ground in one fleeting thought. “Come,” the sprite said, and at that moment others joined it to fetch the lady away.

She rose to her feet and followed them and as she came to the edge of the forest one of the sprites alighted upon her hand to guide her with its glow deeper into the wood.


Stay tuned for part #2


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