Sabrina's Galleries

Welcome to the galleries of artist Sabrina L. Greene. Here you will be able to peek inside her imagination and see how she truly interprets the world around her. Nevertheless, you are invited in to have your own reactions, emotions, and experiences as you view her work.

Currently, Sabrina has three galleries and themes that she works within. First is her series titled “Smoky Mountain Heritage,” her second gallery is artwork inspired by her love of reading fantasy and myths, and finally her third is commissioned painted portraits.

Sabrina is a digital and mixed media artist blending both the worlds of digital art and traditional media. She is influenced by the mixed media work of art journalers as well as the impressionist era of art.

If you enjoy following along and seeing how things progress with an artist, Sabrina regularly shares on her art blog her works in progress (WIP), creative process, and inspirations.

This gallery deeply reflects Sabrina’s roots deep in the heart of the Southern Appalachians and The Great Smoky Mountains. Being a native of Waynesville, NC she grew up with an intimate understanding of the rich culture of the region. She furthered her knowledge by minoring in Regional Studies at Mars Hill University. Subjects within her Smoky Mountain Heritage series involve local flora and fauna, landscapes, found items and more.

Inspired by Fantasy & Myth

Growing up Sabrina loved to read and quickly found that she enjoyed the fantasy genre. She also enjoyed studying mythology and would often watch documentaries from all over the world. When she was in sixth grade her Father introduced her to the Iliad and Odyssey epics by Homer. After that, she was hooked and still enjoys reading various tales from around the world. Naturally, her artwork often showcases these themes. Sabrina’s illustrative side really comes to the forefront in her fantasy and mythical paintings.

Because Sabrina is also a portrait photographer, she also enjoys painting portraits. These can range from people to pets. It is in her portraits that you really get to see her impressionistic influences bloom.


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