“Sabrina, you are so talented!” I hear this phrase often from others, but when I do, I chuckle to myself. Why? Because I know that the skills I now possess all come from years of being obsessed with the arts and reading more books than the average human should consume in a given time-frame. No, I am a believer that anyone can learn what I do; they just have to be willing to devote the time to the arts.  

Definition of The Arts 

According to Wikipedia, the term the arts in its most abstract definition is as follows: 

“Art is a documented expression of a sentient being through or on an accessible medium so that anyone can view, hear, or experience it. The act itself of producing an expression can also be referred to as a certain art or as art in general.” 

In other words, if I make it and it is an expression of my thoughts, feelings, or something else, it is art.  

Sabrina’s Favorite Art Forms 

Crayola crayons were my first tools of expressing myself in childhood much to my mother’s dismay because I often left them to melt on the car’s seats. However, as I grew up, I found I could express myself through other mediums.  

Today I choose to express myself creatively through: 

  • Photography and Photo Manipulation 
  • Journaling and Creative Writing 
  • Sharing Engaging Ideas 
  • Singing 
  • Both Traditional and Digital Painting 
  • Devouring Literature 

Season of Exploration 

Currently, I am in a season of exploration of both traditional and digital paintings. As I study and try out new techniques, I find that I daily have epiphanies that bring me pure moments of delight.  

All I can say at this point in my creative journey as an artist is that you never know what I am going to create from one day to the next. I find I am inspired by so many influences that I want to try everything. However, I recently recognized that artwork needs to be my creative outlet, so I have consciously chosen to relieve the pressure of producing for others at this time but instead explore.  

Nevertheless, what point is there to make art if you do not share it with someone? The same goes for the gems I find in my studies, so here you will find my creative musings and how they inspire me to create new things. I’m just going to trust my intuition when it comes to my artwork and see what happens. Come back here anytime you want to see what my muse and I are up too.

Sabrina’s Art Explorations

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