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When you book me as your wedding photographer in Asheville, or beyond, I want you to know I will make your day as smooth as possible. Sometimes that means I must look for little details like hair bands left on arms, running to grab something for you, and more. After all the months of planning for your wedding ceremony, you want your day to go well.

And trust me when I tell you it goes by quickly. That is why choosing the right photographer is so important. As your photographer it is my job to capture the events of your day and preserve the memories, so you can look back on them. There will be things that you may not even remember until you get your images a few weeks after your wedding. One image may remind you of a special moment that you might have otherwise forgotten.

Photographers are visual story-tellers and who you choose to capture your day is as important as your story.


Lake Lure Wedding Photographer

From the initial consultation all the way through your wedding day I want to hear your story. Every bit I learn about you helps me to capture details that you will look back on over and over throughout your life.

The love of story is what drew me to photography, to begin with. I have a degree in English from Mars Hill University and that is where I took my first course in digital photography.

I have read, and witnessed, love stories from all over the world and they never get old. And no two are ever the same!

What is Your Style of Photography

If I had to describe my style in one sentence I would say that my style of photography is , “Coco Chanel meets Crayola!”

What Should I Expect On My Wedding Day

On your wedding day, I will be your champion and cheerleader. And we will have a great time. But rest assured I am also observing to make sure nothing stresses you out. If someone needs advice about something, I am happy to assist.

And don’t worry about when it comes time to get everyone together to shoot formals after your ceremony. I will make sure that they are fast and efficient, so everyone can get to the reception.

However, I will also ensure you and your new spouse will have a few moments to interact alone before heading to your celebration. It is important to have a moment to breathe because your special day does fly by quickly.

It is during these moments when both of you do not have the focus of everyone around that I capture the best images. I want to see your emotion and love for one another in the private moments, as well as, celebrating.

But if you and your spouse tense up, I also have ways of getting both of you to relax and have fun. That is what your wedding day is about! Celebrating your love for one another and the future you will share together.

What Happens After My Wedding

After your wedding, I head home to my digital darkroom and hand-edit each of your images. I have 15+ years of editing experience in both Lightroom and Photoshop. In fact, I was a retoucher before I perfected my photography techniques.

I don’t believe in one-click presets but instead treating each of your images as individual works of art.

However, please understand there is a difference between editing your photos and retouching them.

Editing your images is taking the RAW, unprocessed, files directly from my camera into Lightroom and developing them. You can think of RAW files as “digital film” that needs to be processed.

Retouching images is perfecting skin tone, removing blemishes, fixing scars, slimming, softening wrinkles, and more. This is a very detailed process and I do provide this service to my clients however there is an additional fee. My high-end retouching fee is $100 per hour billed in 15-minute increments of $25.

You can expect to have your images delivered to you 4-6 weeks after your wedding date via download. I also back up your images for 6 months after your wedding date.

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