Belle Visits at Christmas in Waynesville, NC

Belle Enjoying Her Candles Sabrina Greene Photography
Belle Preparing to Read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Hello everyone! I am thrilled that you have stopped by to listen to me read you a story! I am sorry I could not visit you in person, but at least Santa arranged a way for me to bring you some additional Christmas cheer. Click on the video link below to see my visit to The Shelton House in Waynesville. If you want to know more about how Santa asked me to come to Waynesville be sure to read about that in The Mountaineer Newspaper article Beauty Visits the Shelton House.

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Did you enjoy the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas?” It is one of my favorites! Did you know that you can also get a copy online to read for yourself or, even better, visit a local bookstore?

Belle Visits Waynesville NC Sabrina Greene Photography-7
Belle’s Friend the 2020 Bear

It gets so chilly outside this time of year that I have to find indoor things to do. My favorite activity is to curl up in a large overstuffed chair and read near my fireplace during the winter months.

Beauty Visits the Shelton House NC Sabrina Greene Photography
Beauty Wrapping Up a Couple of Books to Give as a Gift

There is nothing like escaping into a book and letting your mind take you to different places, both real and make-believe. I would love to hear of some of your favorite books to add to my reading list. You can send me a message on the contact page here, and I will answer you!

Beauty Visits the Shelton House Waynesville NC Sabrina Greene Photography
Belle in Front of the Christmas Lights at the Shelton House

I arrived in Waynesville just as the sun was beginning to set the other day. The mountains here are gorgeous, and you have so many trees! I loved them so much. I decided to dance out in the meadow so I could see them even better.

Beauty in Front of the Hart Theater Sabrina Greene Photography
Beauty Dancing in the Meadow

When I was finished with that, I decided to unpack my sleigh to wrap up a gift and pull out some of my favorite books. I’m used to reading by candlelight, and I never leave home without a few candles stowed away in case I need them.

Fantasy Photographer Sabrina Greene Photography
Beauty Lighting Candles to Read With

I was so impressed with how well the Shelton House was decorated; it was lovely on the outside. If you haven’t seen it yet, the lights twinkle and smile at you as if they were old friends. The tinsel trail has several trees decorated from local shops with all kinds of ornaments!

Belle Walking the Grounds at the Shelton House Sabrina Greene Photography
Beauty Exploring the Grounds of the Shelton House

While I was exploring the property, I found out Santa set up a mailbox on the porch where you can write him a letter! As you may have seen, I sent a short note to him to let him know I arrived.

Beauty at the Shelton House Waynesville Sabrina Greene Photography
Beauty Sending Her Letter to Santa

Visiting your charming town has been the highlight of my year, and I hope to come back someday when it is warmer. I want to venture out even more into the forest to see waterfalls, wildlife, and flowers.

Belle Visits Waynesville NCSabrina Greene Photography 26
Beauty Admiring The Tinsel Trail Trees

Sabrina, the photographer, was telling me all about those things because she likes to get out in the woods too. She showed me some of her pictures of her adventures and discoveries.

Writing a Letter to Santa
Writing a Letter to Santa at the Shelton House

I hope you have enjoyed the time we have spent together, little ones. I know I have, and I will be thinking of you often. I know it has been a challenging year, and you may have been a little scared at times, but things will get better. You always have your family to lean on if you need them.

Beauty at the Shelton House Sabrina Greene Photography
Beauty Enjoying the Tinsel Trail at the Shelton House

Just think we start a new year in a couple of weeks! It is always a good time to let your hope soar and make plans for new adventures!

Until Next Time Best Wishes!


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A heartfelt thank you to all of Santa’s Local Helpers!

Photography | Story by Sabrina Greene Photography (Assisting JJ Rusk)

Film Provided by 107 South Entertainment & Production

Gown Design | “Belle” Mandy Tweed of Mountain Flower Fantasies

Hair & Makeup by the Fab Flawless Hair & Makeup Artistry Team: Owner | Makeup Sheri Gaffney, Hair by Anna Sorrells, assisting Cierra Roberts

Voiceover provided by actress Lauren Hunkele

Venue Host The Shelton House of Waynesville, NC

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