Blooming in the Face Death

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Cleaning Up the Hard Drives

I almost threw this image away today as I was cleaning up my hard drives on my computer. When you are a photographer who shoots in RAW your hard drives fill up so quickly. I took this image about a month ago when I was feeling claustrophobic at home and needed to get outside for a few moments. It was early in the morning right after I dropped my children off at school and I just was not ready for my day to begin so I grabbed my camera and walked around for about five minutes. There was a limb that had fallen of this tree, yet it was still in the stages of blooming. I had noticed the limb the week before and as I walked by I thought for sure it would be dead but it was still clinging to life and refusing to die before it bloomed.

It made me pause and think, how often we give up when we feel as though we are going to die? Maybe not figuratively dying but life’s stuggles make us feel that way. Yet nature, even when something drastic happens, refuses to give up and finds a way to bloom even when it is detached from its life source. Maybe we should slow down and not give up on things that bother us so easily in life. 


Great Smoky Moutains

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