Abandoned Farmstead Fines Creek NC

Wintering | A Season of Ghosts

Old Farmstead Upper Fines Creek Road, Clyde, NC in the Snow Have I fallen between worlds and landed somewhere else? That is what I thought

Do you want to know my Secret?

Do you want to know my secret? I have two, actually, and they need to come out. First, I have been holding myself back for

Summer Lantern with Wildflowers

Spring Cleaning the Chaos

I have been doing a lot of cleanups lately in a lot of areas in my life. “Spring Fever” has certainly put me in the

Embrace the New Year Photographer - Sabrina Greene Photography

Simply Embracing 2021

“Odd-numbered years are evil!” At least that has been my personal superstition for over a decade, until this year. I do not know when my