Christmas Journal-Winter Comforts

I have had no energy today, and all I have wanted to do is just lie around and sleep. I’m sure part of it is due to the rainy weather but on the other hand, I know I am tired. The past couple of months have been pretty intense with my photography business, and I am grateful because the first half of the year was brutal. However, along with the stressors from COVID, my husband had surgery on his left arm during the first week of November to save the ulnar nerve and his left hand. Although I have adapted to him being home all the time along with the kids, I’m fatigued.

To make matters worse, the week after his surgery, my entire computer system crashed. I had to wait for a new one to arrive, and my editing got behind. I have been pulling insane hours to get caught up and keep up. I believe it is all catching up to me, and when I tried to think of something to write about this evening, I drew a blank until a few moments ago.

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Some of you may be wondering, “Well, if you are so tired, why are you trying to journal every day right now? Are you not adding another stressor on top of the others you already have?”

It might appear to many that this would be another burden. Still, for me, it isn’t because writing has always been a therapeutic and creative outlet. Amidst all the work I have before me, the act of writing and attempting to create some tidbit of beauty is something I am looking forward to each day. In other words, this process is a comfort to me.

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Which brings me to what popped into my mind as a topic for today, winter comforts. Spring, Summer, and all the warmer months are seasons we are active. We plan to be outdoors and engaged with others more than we do when the weather turns chilly.

Conversely, when the cold temperatures begin to playfully ruffle your hair teasing and reminding you that the seasons are changing, our habits change. We turn from outdoor activities such as mowing the lawn and gardening to seek comfort indoors.

As the Autumn winds begin to howl through the Southern Appalachian valleys and encourage the leaves to disembark from their hosts, a part of me gleefully anticipates what I enjoy during winter.

I have several winter comforts that I enjoy:

  • The crackling of the woodstove
  • Listening to music on the record player
  • Candles and twinkling lights
  • Perusing my bookshelves for something to read
  • Hot Chocolate and Russian Tea
  • Snuggling down in the covers to stay warm
  • Slipping on a jacket to go outside
  • Listening to the wind nip and tug at the corners of the house
  • The hush that follows a snowfall
  • The quiet nature of the woods
  • Awakening to a heavy frost
  • Feeling the heater in my Jeep on my toes
  • Sweaters and leggings
  • Resting and planning for the New Year
  • Observing how excited my kids get when school is canceled due to bad weather
  • Spending more time with my husband cuddled up on the couch
  • Making homemade vegetable and beef soup that we eat on for days
  • Having my puppy curl up next to me to get warm and feeling his cold nose nuzzle me
  • Piling up throw blankets on the couch and seeing the joy it brings my children
Victrola Vintage Record Player Sabrina L Greene Photography-3

Yes, winter has its comforts, and albeit I was tired today, I found myself enjoy some of these as I paused to rest. Especially having Pixel snuggle into me and drowse as we watched the rain pour down the bay window in the living room.

What winter comforts do you enjoy? Feel free to share with me here.

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