Commissioned Painted Portraits

Artist Sabrina L. Greene offers custom painted portraits and paintings by commission. It doesn’t matter if all you have is a cell phone image, she can create from it! Contact her today to have your own custom painted created.

Portrait Paintings

The painted portrait used to be only for the most affluent of people in societies. Even with the advent of photography, there is still something more about a painted image of someone. Painting a portrait is not just about the likeness of someone but it portrays more about an individual. Painted portraits allow for more expression of a person’s personality and interpretation of their essence.  Nevertheless, they also still carry with them authenticity, status, power, etc.

Pet Portraits

Our furry friends steal our hearts and become lasting companions but sadly their lifespans are not the same as ours. Allowing me to paint your pet is a delight because I have a beloved spaniel of my own. I understand the comfort and joy they provide on a daily basis. What better way is there to memorialize their time with you than a hand-painted pet portrait? Better yet, have it done now while they are still an integral part of your life. Trust me you will not regret it.

Wedding Paintings

Your wedding day is one of the major milestones of your life. However, it goes by so quickly that after the day is over you wonder where it went! Having someone photograph your wedding is very important. I also offer these services, here , but why not take it a bit further? Truly capture your celebration in a painting that expresses the joy of your special day. Or, if you choose to have live flowers in your bouquet have it painted! Custom wedding paintings make a great gift for your first anniversary or others. They are a unique gift you can give a loved one of a cherished memory.