Fine Art Custom Paintings

Custom Painted Pet Portraits

Carolyns Pet Portrait Painting Sabrina L Greene
Dog Pet Portrait Sabrina L Greene

Everyone deserves to have a custom painted masterpiece of art in their home. Sabrina L. Greene offers custom painted portraits and other paintings for clients from their own photos.

Sabrina is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer, but her skills do not stop just with her camera. She is also an artist that loves to push the boundaries with explosive vibrant color mixing both traditional techniques with a more modern mixed media feel.

Sabrina can create masterpieces of art from her own images or she can paint from your private photos.

The subjects you can send her are portraits of family, children, individuals, pet portraits, weddings, homes, and more! Painted portraits make amazing gifts for the holidays, events such as weddings, lifetime milestones, in memory of a loved one and more.

Creating a custom painted portrait is a timeless treasure that you will not regret having created and will enjoy for a lifetime.

Painted Portraits of Children

Children Painted Portrait Sabrina L Greene

Why should I have a custom painted portrait created?

Portrait painting was the original photography and way of capturing someone’s likeness. It has a long history dating back to ancient times but is still well and thriving today.

Portrait paintings are a status symbol of prestige and high art.

In the age where photos and selfies are readily available, paintings still retain their uniqueness. Government leaders, monarchies, and the wealthy still have their likenesses captured and expressed for the world to admire.

Custom painted portraits also allow for the reinvention of the subject. They allow the viewer to see the essence of the person or pet while allowing for more distinctive expressionism.

The use of color and brushstrokes individually lure a viewer into a painting and arrest their attention. They draw us into the “other” and make us pause and reflect.

Paintings force us to consider the emotion and personality of what they are about and immortalize the subject forever.

Self or Individual Paintings

Man Painted Portrait Sabrina L Greene

What medium do you create your custom paintings in?

Sabrina is a digital artist and illustrator and she uses both traditional and digital techniques to bring her paintings alive. She will create your artwork digitally then have it printed on whatever surface you desire. If printed on canvas or art paper she can then continue to add touches of personalization through traditional paint, pens, glazes, etc.

Is a digital painting real art?

Yes! Digital paintings are as real as traditional paintings.

Sabrina has studied and continue to study both classic art and modern art techniques. I sketch with traditional materials such as charcoal, pens, pencils etc. to perfect my style and methods. She has a collection of mixed media art journals and traditional acrylic paintings in my home. As well as, an entire closet of readily available art materials that put big-box art suppliers to shame.

However, her favorite medium to work in is through digital painting software such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Corel Painter, Procreate and more.

These programs allow her to experiment and have an even larger library of art tools at my fingertips to let my imagination soar.

She also has a professional Wacom Tablet and Wacom Art Pen that allows her to apply her personal brush strokes and pressure to her works.

Are you using an app or filter?

No, she does not use an app or filter to create her artwork, each stroke and application of color is of my own making and unique. No artwork she produces is the same and cannot be due to how she creates her masterpieces. Custom paintings take a long time to create because she lays down layers upon layers of texture and color. However, she doesn’t have to worry about drying time!

Using digital painting software still requires the use of traditional art techniques and knowledge of color and texture. If you do not know what you are doing you can mess up the color and tonality of a piece just as if you were mixing acrylics on a palette.

Custom Paintings of Weddings & Events

Wedding Painted Portrait Sabrina L Greene

Have Your Photos Turned into Paintings Today

Why not step out of the ordinary and create a truly unique, personalized, and breathtaking custom painting with Sabrina today. You decorate your home with art, so why not make the center focal point of your space be about you and your loved ones? Contact Sabrina today to discuss your painting ideas and have your treasured artwork hanging on your wall in no time at all.