Dawn + Jeff Elopement Asheville Wedding

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Ingle Elopement-Sabrina L. Greene-18

Dawn and Jeff decided that they just wanted a small and simple wedding. Dawn contacted me via a referral from her dress shop Candler Budget Bridal where she purchased her gown. They chose the quiet and peaceful venue of Asheville Barn Weddings to host their nuptials.

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I had not photographed a wedding at this venue before but I found that the owners Kevin & Linda Campbell were delightful! Dawn & Jeff decided to have their ceremony on top of the hill overlooking the steep mountains around them. Dawn’s dear friends decorated the are with rose petals and hung wedding tissue paper balls from the treee where they were to say I do. Linda officated the ceremony and it was filled with such love and joy. Dawn’s son was the best man and ring bearer. He tickled everyone with is prank of losing the wedding bands and even more so when he couldn’t get them off the string they were on.

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I couldn’t help but get a little tickled when I seen Dawn’s heels because we were going to be walking a up a steep hill and she started laughing as well. They really did suit her personality but she has some flats to help her up as well. I also loved the fact that she had her mother’s necklace on her boquet to carry her in spirit on this new chapter in her life. You can see them picture here draped over her heels. 

Ingle Elopement-Sabrina L. Greene-3

For their send off they chose friends and family blew bubbles for them. Personally I belive bubbles are the best send off at any wedding because they are fun and joyful. Besides even if the adults forget the send off, which often happens, the children don’t which reminds everyone else to jump in and have some fun!

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