Did You Know I Sing? Wedding Photographer Sabrina L Greene

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Today I thought I would share a little more about myself. After all, I do spend a tremendous amount of time getting to know my couples and capturing them in their intimate moments as a wedding photographer and elopement photographer. I do more than photography though, and I let my creativity out in varying ways. Today you are going to see the “singing photographer” side of me, and I had to build up the nerve to finally create the video below.

Yep, that is me! Singing a Cover of “Turn Me On,” by Norah Jones. Read on to find out why I chose this song to record!

Orange Blossom Special Age

When I was barely old enough to get around, at the age of four, I started my path of music. My Dad who is avid about bluegrass and golden age country played Johnny Cash’s version of Orange Blossom Special to me.

My parents love to recall the story of how I started belting this tune out to them over and over down in the “holler” of Panther Creek, NC. Not long after that, I began singing in church, and I still do often even today.

I vaguely recall a time singing this song while being in the truck on my Mom’s lap. And my Dad’s side of the family is all musically gifted. There were many evenings when his 11 brothers and sisters would get together to “pick n’ sing” for my grandparents. Those are good memories I treasure.

Music as Company

All through my college years, I drove around an hour one way to and from Mars Hill University, so music was my company. Traveling the distance of over 50 miles one way meant I was on the road all the time.

So, music became even more of a companion during that time. You could not pass me on Interstate 40 without seeing me singing at the top of my lungs, but I didn’t care.

Mars Hill University Old Logo
My School's Old Logo When I Attended There

This was the time in my life when I really began to explore the genres of music I would later fall in love with.

You see, I grew up in a strict household where I was extremely limited in what I could get my hands on. My mom gave me a little more leeway growing up, but it wasn’t until college when I felt free to try other things.

My Favorite Genres of Music

To date, I have eclectic tastes in what I listen to, but there are a few genres of music I listen to regularly. They are:

  • Classical and Classical Crossover
  • Jazz
  • Christian Pop
  • Relaxing Instrumentals
  • Ballads
  • Movie Scores
  • Light Rock
  • Some Pop
  • Some Country

When it comes to editing my photos from events and projects, you will most likely find me listening to energetic classical crossover music such as Lindsey Sterling. I conduct orchestras at my desk daily, lol.

“Turn Me On”-Norah Jones

I chose today’s song while thinking about wedding season here in the greater Asheville, NC area. Reflecting made me go back and think about when my husband and I were dating.

On the classiest date we went on, not long after we had met, we went to a jazz spot in Asheville I loved. Unfortunately, they closed and are no longer open but leaving that evening we walked by a place that was trying to entice people to come in and sing karaoke.

Phone Images From That Date Night

I thought why not?! So we went in, and I signed up, and I sang this song to him. It was the only one I could think of I knew by heart at the time.

It must have worked because we got engaged not long after.

Wedding Questionnaire

Nowadays I sing at home and some at church but music is still an integral part of my life.

In fact, on my questionnaire for my couples who are getting married, I always ask if they have a “song” for them as a couple. This song became mine and JJ’s on the off-beat chance of just passing a karaoke bar.

Every time I hear it now it makes me smile and takes me back to that night.

So, do you have a song that speaks to you? Feel free to share it with me. I love to hear your stories too!

Sharing is Caring!

About Me

Sabrina is an experienced photographer and Photoshop artist of many years. She fell in love with the art of photography and photo manipulation in 2009 while in college at Mars Hill University. She holds a BA in English with minors in both Regional and Women’s Studies. With an appreciation for all the arts her love of reading is what influences her artwork the most.

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