Don’t Forget the Groom’s Photos

Moody Portrait of a Groom in a Wine Bar
Moody Portrait of a Groom in a Wine Bar

You’re scrolling online looking at wedding photos trying to find a photographer and seeing what you’d expect: the happy couple, the wedding party, the rings, the bride in the beautiful dress, but where are the pictures of the groom? He’s there in the couple portraits, but where are the groom’s photos? Unfortunately, more often than not, the groom gets overlooked when it comes to solo images. Why? Is it because he doesn’t want his picture taken or because nobody asked if he did? Below are some common reasons the groom’s portraits are overlooked. And why you should find a photographer who understands the value of highlighting both of you on your wedding day.

Groom with Mother Highland Brewing Company
Mother Pinning a Boutonniere on the Groom-Highland Brewing Company

Typically, the dress and bride are the stars of the wedding day! This is partly due to how the media and marketing have implanted this idea in our minds. How much planning goes into a bride’s makeup, hair, and dress selection isn’t a secret. They deserve recognition and many photos; however, your wedding should be a day for both of you to shine. The hair, outfit selection, and accessories chosen by the groom shouldn’t be overlooked. When selecting a photographer, it’s a good idea to check and see if they take the time to highlight the groom with detailed images and individual portraits. I can tell you horror stories I have heard from people who realized later that they did not have a single picture of the groom alone during their wedding day, but we won’t divulge them here.

Groom's Portrait Outside Waynesville NC Photographer
Portrait of a Groom Outside After the Rain

It’s a common misconception that men or masculine individuals don’t like to have their pictures taken, but is that really the case? I can tell you from my experiences that the groom often has found my work and convinces his partner to book my services.

Groom Sitting in the Den Yellow House Waynesville NC
Groom Sitting on a Bench Before Wedding

You want to look good in your wedding photos, both of you. Often you see dynamic and beautiful posing done with the bride. Highlighting the flow of their dress and emphasizing the features they value the most. Unfortunately, if the groom’s portraits are taken, they are usually pictured stiffly and not allowed to show off what makes them confident. Yes, the dress offers excellent opportunities for stunning shots, but a good photographer can make anything look attractive, including a suit. I have found that what works best for my clients is first to photograph the groom with his friends to help him get comfortable in front of my lens.

Field House Wedding Hidden River Events Sabrina L Greene Photography
Groom Shooting Pool With Groomsmen

If you choose the wrong person to photograph your wedding, you may look back and regret not having solo pictures. Even if the groom doesn’t seem to have photos on their priority list now, other people do! While yes, parents will want a picture of both of you, they’ll also enjoy pictures of their child on their wedding day. Your partner will want to see and have images of you to show off and have as a keepsake. Even the groom will be able to appreciate having these portraits. In fact, I will show the groom his image on the back of my camera, and nine times out of 10; he will get excited and come up with his own ideas. We all want to feel confident and attractive on our wedding day!

Reflection of Groom in a Motorcycle Mirror
Reflection of Groom in Motorcycle Mirror

The point isn’t that the bride gets too much of the spotlight at weddings; it’s that the groom doesn’t appear to have shared that spotlight when you get your pictures back. Whether it seems the groom isn’t interested or not in having their portrait taken, it’s always essential to make asking and trying a priority. Both of you deserve to have your memories captured. Be sure (if they aren’t already) to ask your photographer to emphasize the groom’s portraits too!

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