Elopements & Destination Weddings

Elopement photography is my favorite kind of photography! There are so many benefits to eloping and the couples I meet through shooting their intimate weddings are just gems! Elopements & Destination Weddings have been on the rise in recent years and I fully understand why. They allow couples to start their love story off with an adventure! I want to fill up my calendar with your love stories and help you tell them to the world!

Sabrina L. Greene is an artistic elopement & destination wedding photographer. She serves the greater Asheville, NC area and beyond. Locations include Waynesville, Hendersonville, Sylva, Weaverville, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Johnson City, Greenville, Canton, The Great Smokies, Blue Ridge, and more.

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Reasons to Elope!

Reasons to Elope or Have an Intimate Micro Wedding

My husband and I had a micro wedding and we do not regret it at all. It was perfect and meaningful to us and that is what really matters. Which leads me to reason number one!

When planning a large wedding celebration, sometimes the focus drifts from what should be the real center of attention.

Anytime a potential client contacts me about wedding or elopement photography I remind them of one thing. Make sure your wedding is about you and your future spouse! Don’t get too wrapped up in the details but instead focus on the love you have for one another. If others are pressuring you, you have a right to remind them about this.

Eloping or having an intimate wedding allows for the focus of your love story to be front and center. It eliminates all the potential distractions.

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Eloping saves you a lot of money that can be used elsewhere.

Let’s face it large wedding celebrations are expensive! Why not put that money into your honeymoon instead? In fact, why don’t you start your honeymoon by getting married at that location?!

You can still have your dream wedding.

Even though you have chosen to elope or have a micro wedding you can still have everything you dreamed about. You are just downsizing and keeping it smaller. Without having to worry about feeding a bunch of guests, gifts for a long list of bridesmaids & groomsmen, etc. Instead, you can put your money into things that you really want in your wedding. For example, the dress of your dreams, the wedding band set you have had your eye on, or something else.

You can even have the reception you wanted too! You can plan that anywhere without the higher cost of renting tents or a major venue. You can have your gathering at a local restaurant you enjoy or somewhere else.

You can get married almost anywhere!

Without the major setup of a larger wedding, you can get married in almost any location. As long as, you have permission to be there. Do you want to get married on top of a mountain with a stellar view? No problem, I will trek to the mountain peak with you! The base of a roaring waterfall? Here in western North Carolina, we are known for our dramatic falls. And of course, there are many more locations throughout the world.

Looking Glass Falls Elopement Brevard NC

Elopements are Easier for Your Photographer

When I join you to photograph your ceremony, I don’t have the stress of keeping up with a bunch of other people or limitations. Instead, I get to focus on how you and your spouse interact with one another. Couples who elope and have smaller weddings are always more relaxed and carefree. They don’t worry about how many sets of eyes are on them.

As an elopement photographer in the greater Asheville area, I can also tell you that I get to photograph couples in amazing locations! I have traveled to the top of Roan Mountain to the bottom of Looking Glass falls and the images I capture there are my personal favorites. There are so many places we can go to have backdrops that you might not have considered before.

Plus, I can produce your images and deliver them to you more quickly than I can a larger wedding. Yet, I still get all the details you imagined! With even more emotion and natural intimacy in your images. With a larger wedding someone is always competing for your attention.

On average, depending on the time of year, I deliver your images to you within 2 weeks via digital download.