Four Reasons I Love Fall & Winter

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Thanksgiving has passed, and the air has finally chosen to nip at us playfully when we step outside. When I wake up in the morning, frost has taken its icy fingers and sketched designs on the windshield of my truck and windows. As I walk around in the placating quiet of the dawn, I puff my own clouds into the air and gleefully declare I am in love. There are several reasons why I love Fall and Winter but today I am going to share four of them with you.

The Pace of Life Slows Down

After the insanity and rush of the wedding season in October hits its peak and plummets leaving me worn to an absolute frazzle my travel slows. Albeit, my editing workload catches up with me but my having to leave my home every day, or every other day, starts to wear thin.

For me, this means I can get up in the morning, stay in my PJs, throw my hair in a bun and just work in the solemnity of my own space and mind.

Last of Fall Painting Sabrina L Greene Artist
"Last of Fall" Painting by Sabrina L. Greene

Time of Rejuvenation & Exploration

I am the poster child for introversion! Although I can be bubbly around others, because people fascinate me to all extremes, I must have downtime for myself.

Even from my own husband, but he gets that I need to recharge.

Fall and Winter allow me to spend more time at home and work on projects I have had on my mind for months.

Inspiration attacks me daily from everything such as random things I see while driving, to what I read, or even scents that drift into my nose.

Imagine being attacked by inspiration that demands your attention but not being able to devote time to its call. It can be very frustrating, but I remind myself that when the cooler months arrive, I can open the door and let my muses visit for a while.

For example, I officially started in-depth drawing and painting courses in March of this year. I was having a blast learning but then wedding season arrived, marching in all its glory.

I love wedding season! I really do!

There is something magical about seeing couples in love and joining in on their celebrations. I love to capture the emotions of their individual days and showcase their story through my own eyes.

Yet, when Fall and Winter finally get here, I’m dragging physically and mentally.

But now that I have all my major wedding projects complete for the year, I get to focus on me and explore things I want to.

This season is about delving deeper into my artist side and continuing my studies I started in March.

Last of Fall Detail Painting Sabrina L Greene Artist
"Last of Fall" Detail Closeup

Cozy Atmosphere

Fall & Winter are also the coziest months of the year. Nothing brings me the same delight as wearing sweaters, curling under warm blankets, and sipping on hot drinks such as cocoa and cider.

I also prefer early mornings or late evenings as my favorite times of the day.

The fact that the evening comes sooner this time of year does not bother me at all. It just means that I “light” my LED candles earlier and get to enjoy their ambiance longer. Not to mention, the grandeur of Christmas lights that twinkle and dance everywhere I go!

Maybe I am being naïve or nostalgic, but it likewise makes me feel closer to family and friends. Spending time with them makes me feel like I have been wrapped in a cozy hug.

Mystery & Intrigue

Finally, as the rains fall and fogs and mists form over the mountains it gives this area in Western North Carolina a mysterious and haunting impression.

There were two books called Morgan Morning and Misty Morgan by Serendipity I loved to read when I was a little girl. They were about two different unicorns and their stories revolved around the mists and fog. Perhaps that is why I love the foggy entrails that swirl and tempt me away in the Fall.

Nevertheless, there seems to be an air of mystery that lays in the air, for me at least.

Of course, the many packages wrapped under the tree too leave you wondering what is inside them.

If you haven’t been out in the woods on a snowy winter morning, it lends the same frame of mind as the mists. The stillness is exhilarating and makes you wonder if something is around and what it is doing.

I simply love it!

There are many reasons to enjoy this season and these are just a few of why I enjoy them the most. My mom, on the other hand, hates it and tells me I am crazy. She also tells my dad that, he loves it as much as I do. Mom is a summer lover, lol.

What do you love most about this time of year and why? Feel free to comment on any of my social media outlets and let’s compare!


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