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Foggy Moody Winter Engagement Photographer Asheville NC

“That’s the gift of winter: it’s irresistible. Change will happen in its wake, whether we like it or not. We can come out of it wearing a different coat.”

Although Katherine was talking about the seasons of struggle in our lives when she refers to winter in this quote, I can’t help but think about the season of love. Love can arrive unexpectedly, even when we are not looking for it. When new love captures our souls and demands our time, it becomes irresistible. Change will inevitably happen as a relationship blossoms.

Couple Walking a Winter Trail North Carolina Arboretum

Bad Weather Makes for a Moody Photoshoot

Kim and Stefan’s relationship is moving into a new phase. Later this year, they will be getting married, and I am privileged to be chosen as their wedding photographer. I was disappointed on the day of their engagement shoot because it had been brutally cold the previous days leading up to when we would meet.

Lake Powhatan NC Arboretum Engagement Sabrina L Greene Photography 16

I planned to take them to the North Carolina Arboretum to explore the grounds for their shoot. When I woke up that morning, it was raining, messy, muddy, and overall unpleasant as far as the weather was concerned. Nevertheless, I was determined to make something of the day, although I was not sure what that would be.

Moody Engagement Shoot Woodland Winter Forest North Carolina Arboretum

So, I decided to drive over an hour and a half early to see if I could come up with additional options for them. With time to kill, I decided to go out to Lake Powhatan. As I drove around the lake, I became obsessed with the fog and ice I found! It felt like I had found a magical Scottish lake in the early morning.

Lake Powhatan Asheville, NC Fog on the Lake Winter

The fog was stretching its tendrils above the lake’s surface in whisps and ghostly apparitions. If anyone could hear me in my Jeep, I was squealing with a child’s delight on Christmas morning. I was so enraptured I was almost late meeting my clients.

Moody Engagement Shoot Woodland Winter Forest Lake Powhatan Asheville NC
Foggy Moody Winter Engagement Photographer Asheville NC

I took them to the lake as soon as we met because I feared the fog would lift quickly. The atmosphere was perfect for a moody Wuthering Heights feel. This, in turn, was perfect for Kim and Stefan because their wedding will have the same vibe in late October. We had a blast getting to know one another and driving to multiple locations.

Moody Engagement Shoot Woodland Winter Forest Lake Powhatan Asheville NC

We worked our way around the lake and the fantastic bramble that grows on the edge. Everywhere I turned, I was stunned by how many colors were still vibrant even though we were in winter. That is a lesson for me because I turn into a hermit during the winter months. I’m happy staying in my pj’s all day, reading and dreaming about the upcoming photography season.

Moody Engagement Shoot Woodland Winter Forest North Carolina Arboretum

Photographing Color and Nature in Winter

Being a fan of color, I lie to myself that there is not much to photograph during the winter months, but this shoot forced me to realize I can still have fun. It has inspired me to get out in nature, even if it is bare and cold. There is a raw beauty during this time of year that I can learn from.

Moody Engagement Shoot Woodland Winter Forest Lake Powhatan Asheville NC
Moody Engagement Shoot Woodland Winter Forest Lake Powhatan Asheville NC

I’m grateful that Kim and Stefan were relaxed and went with my insane inspirational flow. It lifted me up when I needed it more than I thought. My plans are to get out and experience it more and let the quiet of the woodlands settle my spirit, observe the natural stillness, and see what it inspires me to do.

Moody Engagement Photographer Nature Woodland Forest

I’m beginning to enter my season of rest. Although I usually hibernate, I will put on a coat and explore. 2023 is going to be a landmark year for me. Although almost everyone has celebrated their New Year, I am just now getting started. My galleries from the previous season are nearly complete, and soon you will see what I have been hinting at for so long. Until then, dear friends!

Frozen Autumn Leaves Lake Powhatan NC
North Carolina Arboretum Engagement Photoshoot Winter Greenhouse
Winter Bramble With Water Droplets in Winter
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