How to Set Your Mood for the Day

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The sound of the alarm clock makes me groan every morning. I roll over most days and shake my husband awake if he hasn’t got up and tell him to turn the blasted thing off. I am not a morning person at all but my husband is a chipper little bird going about his morning routine while I am just counting down the minutes until he leaves for work.

I have no knowledge on how some people can just immediately hop out of bed and be wide awake ready for their day. When I wake up I am groggy, dazed, and resentful of the fact that I must leave the sanctuary of my nested covers.

Albeit, part of the reason I have such a tough time getting up in the morning is that nightly I deal with disrupting night terrors. I suffer from Complex PTSD which causes night terrors and they are different from nightmares. Night terrors happen in the deepest part of a person’s sleep cycle and cause intense fear and sleep paralysis. For me personally I know they are a dream, but I cannot wake myself up and often can be heard trying to cry out in my sleep and sweating profusely.  Thankfully, my husband wakes me when I am in the middle of one.

Torture of Night Terrors by Sabrina L. Greene
“Torture of Night Terrors” Model: Lindsey Yow

Therefore, mornings are not my favorite part of the day and can be challenging. Especially since I am feeling the residual negative attributes of my night terrors. Sometimes it can take up to an hour for me to be fully awake and functioning and that is when I plunge into my day. Yet, when I plunge into my day without dealing with all the negativity in my mind it throws my day off and a lot of the time it just becomes worse.

How to Reclaim Your Thoughts

So how does a girl reset and reclaim her mind to have a positive day after all the nastiness in her dreams?

She takes the first hour of her day to study and pray.

Guard Your Mind

Now I am not going to lie and say I do this every day because there are days I forget or just ignore it all together but then those are also the days where I am most often just “off.” It is important to create a good mindset for yourself when you get up because even one little negative thought can lead to another and another until your mind is in a downward spiral. And once the spiral has a good start it can be very difficult to get out of one.

Paul told us that we can be, “transformed by the renewing of our minds,” (Romans 12:2) and it is as simple as challenging out thoughts and being observant of what they say to us. I have learned over the years in dealing with my own disorders to focus on positive and healthy things. Let’s take a look at what the book of Philippians tells us to focus on:



It is easier to dwell on the things that bother us than it is to focus on healthy things sometimes but if we challenge ourselves to dwell on what is pure it has a better effect on our day.

When do you tune your violin?

Last week I had the privilege of attending a Christian Blogging Conference at Billy Graham’s training center The Cove with fellow blogger Jill Gottenstrater and she said something that really struck me to my core. She was quoting Anne Graham Lotz who told of how she used to always do her devotions at night until her mentor asked her this question, “Why would you tune your violin at the end of the symphony?”

Makes you think, doesn’t it? I know it did me.

How can we face the challenges of the day if we do not take the time to tune and arm ourselves with the word or our Lord? Renewing our mind is a constant that we must engage in over and over until it becomes second nature to us. Does any of this sound familiar to what you are hearing in the media today? If not, it should because now the mainstream thought that is being touted everywhere is Mindfulness.  I can’t help but somewhat giggle at the “emergence” of it into mainstream media because it isn’t anything new but in fact, has been being taught for centuries.

All in all, I am not here to tell you a long string of habits that you will most likely break within a week to get yourself started on the right foot each day, but rather, I am here to tell you the one thing you can add to your routine that is proven to help you. Take the time to spend with God when you get up in the morning and let me know how it works for you.

Finally, I will leave you with what King David said in the book of Psalm:

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