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Do you have to have readings at a wedding?

Have you wondered do you have to have readings at a wedding? No, but they add a special touch to your vows. Wedding photographer Sabrina L. Greene shares her favorite passages to help you in search for the perfect words to say I DO! Selections include authors such as Margaret Atwood, D. H. Lawrence, and more.

Finding My Appalachian Voice

As an artist finding your artistic voice is a journey that can take a while. Often you will try many different genres, mimic masters, run

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Can you lose your creativity?

In the second week of November, I hit a slump. Not just any slump but a deep-dark-depressive spiral slump that left me feeling numb and empty. I had no energy or motivation, and just felt miserable! I even found myself questioning, can you lose your creativity?

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How long do wedding photos take?

There is a common phrase that states, “Time is on your side!” As a professional wedding photographer, I am here to tell you that on

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Why creative expression is important?

Being creative is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying aspects of self-expression that we can engage in. When we allow ourselves to be creative,