Finding My Appalachian Voice

As an artist finding your artistic voice is a journey that can take a while. Often you will try many different genres, mimic masters, run

Portrait Painting Artist Sabrina L Greene

Can you lose your creativity?

In the second week of November, I hit a slump. Not just any slump but a deep-dark-depressive spiral slump that left me feeling numb and empty. I had no energy or motivation, and just felt miserable! I even found myself questioning, can you lose your creativity?

Asheville Wedding Photographer

How long do wedding photos take?

There is a common phrase that states, “Time is on your side!” As a professional wedding photographer, I am here to tell you that on

Inspired by Red Sabrina L Greene Photography

Why creative expression is important?

Being creative is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying aspects of self-expression that we can engage in. When we allow ourselves to be creative,

What is Trauma Sabrina L Greene Art Photography

What Causes Mental Trauma?

What causes mental trauma? You could ask 10 different people you would receive different answers to that question. It is no secret my family has

Hold to God's Hand-Sabrina L Greene

Getting a Glimpse of God’s Power

God, you are infinitely HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, and we can’t even imagine how great your glory is. For the first time since Monday morning, I