Appalachian Farm Weddings Sabrina L Greene-2

When to Book Your Wedding Vendors

Congratulations to all newly engaged couples of the new year!  This is such an exciting time for you! Yet, after you announce to all your

Blue Ridge Trains Canton NC Sabrina L Greene

Blue Ridge Trains Painting

“Blue Ridge Trains” by artist Sabrina L Greene It does not matter where we are if the sound of a train whistle blows my son

Looking Glass Falls Elopement Sabrina L Greene-14

Feist Elopement-Looking Glass Falls

A Looking Glass Falls Elopement Occasionally I have couples that book me for wedding photography services that I do not get to know very well.

Last of Fall Painting Sabrina L Greene Artist

Four Reasons I Love Fall & Winter

Thanksgiving has passed, and the air has finally chosen to nip at us playfully when we step outside. When I wake up in the morning,

Skull Study Anterior View Sabrina L Greene

What Do You Do You When You Fail

Stinking Thinking Do you ever get so disgusted with yourself that you ask, “Why do I do this? Why do I try?” I look back