Julia + Matt | Heaven’s Cloud Event Center Wedding

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Julia and Matt were made for one another! I was blessed to be their wedding photographer near Asheville at Heaven’s Cloud Event Center a couple of months ago. Julia contacted me last year to secure her date, and it did not take long for the two of us to hit it off. Especially when it came to discussing books as we have similar tastes.

When I arrived on site for their wedding, I was immediately struck with their DIY décor! They had decorated everything with cut-out hearts from comic books! Even the wedding arbor had strings of them fluttering in the wind! It was charming and uniquely them, which is what a wedding is about, to begin with. However, let’s hear their love story directly from them, shall we?

Asheville Micro Wedding-7

How did you two meet?

Jules: Matt worked at a store near where I lived at the time, and we would always see each other there. He was always just a little bit extra nice to me and gave me these huge dorky smiles, and his whole face would light up. Eventually, I realized we both had crushes on each other, so one day, I finally worked up the courage to ask him if he wanted my number. He said the most enthusiastic yes I’ve ever heard and we’ve been together ever since.

Matt: We first met at a job I worked at down from her house. The very first time I saw her walk in, I had this overwhelming and uncontrollable smile on my face. It was like a feeling inside you that is unexplainable and forceful! There was some sort of power that wouldn’t allow me to look away from her, and any sort of focus or normality I had vanished as if she was the only one in existence around me! Sadly enough, I’m usually great at hiding my purpose or thoughts, but every time she came into my workspace, that smile and dorky side came out without control!

When did you know the other was “the one?”

Jules: I knew he was the one because he would never let me stay upset. If anything ever had me down or in a bad mood, he would stay next to me until I either laughed at his jokes, told him what was wrong, or just felt better in general. He would never just walk away or be mad at me for being upset, he just always wanted to find the thing that would make me feel better.

Matt: The moment she came into my work and put an uncontrollable and dazzling smile and look on my face when she visited.

Tell us about your proposal. Was it a surprise? Were you nervous?

Jules: I did not see it coming at all because he went to extremes to throw me off the track. But when the day came, we took a hike to the top of Devil’s Courthouse. When we reached the summit and had that beautiful view of the mountains, he got down on one knee and asked me. It was the best surprise of my life!

Matt: The proposal is actually really funny to me. I had known for weeks that I was ready to propose to her. I decided to go for an ultimate surprise to get the most reaction from her. She was so great at reading me and understanding my thoughts that it was hard to hide anything at all! As I started the process of seeking permission, finding the ring, picking the time/day, and choosing the place; I knew I had to somehow throw her off the track due to her talking about marriage so often! I won’t say it was a pleasant or delightful way that I used to keep the secret, but it worked and nearly backfired! As far as the proposal, her sister and I spent months finding the ring and place to pop the question. It was mainly her sister’s cunning way of requesting help and advice of a camera through Jules about a hiking trail that led to the secretive overall plan working!

What is one thing you love most about one another?

Jules: He’s incredibly generous and caring. Matt continually does little things to make my life and other people’s lives better, he is always looking for tiny things he can do at any chance that he sees. 

Matt: I love how caring, devoted, and driven; she is, no matter what she is doing! Jules is always there to make you feel better even if she is in the same situation as you are! I also love how honest and truthful she is no matter if it has a negative or positive effect!

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Do you share any hobbies together? Or, what do you enjoy doing most together?

Jules: We are huge nerds/geeks. We love watching sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy movies and shows together. But, one of the significant hobbies we share that brought us together is video games. We’ve both loved gaming since we were kids and now we have his and her’s gaming station set up in our home so we can game next to each other.

Matt: Most definitely, gaming! We are super nerds and I believe this is the most impactful thing that led me to be so deeply in love with her! We share a passion we have had since we were kids! We also love mountain scenic drives for a peaceful and calm setting!

What’s your favorite trend for weddings right now?

Jules: Honestly, I think the trend I like best is just people breaking with tradition to make weddings custom for themselves and things that they enjoy.

 Matt: The fact that most people of this generation are coming to the realization that it’s not about the status, money, or people involved in the wedding. It’s more about the love and passion aspect that is so special between two people being shared by those that are closest to them. And that more weddings are about personal passion or interests instead of common traditions of specific rules and standards we grew up thinking a wedding was!

Asheville Micro Wedding-1

What inspired your décor, theme, or colors?

Jules: Our decor and theme were mainly based on our shared love of geeky things. We made a lot of our decorations out of disused comic books, folding the pages into flower so that we’d have all of our favorite superheroes included. Our invitations looked like the Marauders Map from Harry Potter. Even our cake is geeky, featuring logos from our favorite video games on the top tier. The colors came from Matt, wanting to wear a hot pink suit. It made him happy and that’s all I wanted so we tailored the colors around that wish.

Matt: I won’t take much blame from the wedding planning process, but I will own up to one thing. My personal desire since middle school was to wear a pink suit of some kind to show how open-minded and loving I am of everything! I missed my chance during prom to do that, so when I realized finally that this day was coming, I jumped at the opportunity! Surprisingly she was more willing and accepting then I thought she would be. Ultimately though, that color choice led her to Jules having to rearrange everything around it!

What do you feel is most unique about your wedding?

Jules: It’s hard to find just one thing because I think a lot of our wedding choices were very unique. However, one thing that was of particular importance to me as a bride was to find a way to have a connection with my grandmother through our wedding. I was very close to her, and she passed away seven years ago. Therefore since she couldn’t be with me in person I decided to wear her wedding rings on a necklace on our wedding day to honor her memory.

Matt: I feel the overall nerdiness and gamer-ish side and feel to our wedding made it super unique. From the colors, to the decorations, to the cake, it threw people off when they ask about our wedding details and why we chose certain things! Again some people are not used to weddings going off the from the normal tradition, but it adds that much more passion and personality to it between the two people in love rather then following a centuries-old custom.

What is your “song” as a couple? Your first dance song?

We both have very different tastes in music, so I don’t know that we really have a “song.” But, we both love John Legend and he makes the quintessential love songs, so for our first dance there really wasn’t a better choice than one of his songs.

Asheville Micro Wedding-5

What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier regarding planning?

Jules: Honestly, my wedding planning went pretty smoothly. I had a lot of great help from our families, so I think just allowing other people to help where they could made it flow pretty easy. The only thing I wish I had been able to see earlier is not to stress as much about everything falling into place in the end. 

 Matt: I wish from the start I had known how extremely stressful and emotionally draining the planning stage can be. Despite the insane amount of time I worked throughout this stage, I went into it with a mindset of not getting in the way and giving my opinion only where it mattered. As the day got closer, it made me realize I should have stepped in to absorb the stress and emotions equally so we could’ve hated it together!

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Vendors who helped make this day unique!

Venue: Heaven’s Cloud Event Center

Catering: Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que 

Cake: Karen Donatelli’s Bakery

Hair/MUA: Just Wing It Artistry

Music/DJ: Sean Lowman with Premier Sound and Light

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