Lisa + Nick Wedding at The Fields of Blackberry Cove

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I was blessed to have met Lisa and Nick through Destination Elopements with local wedding officiant Katrina Evans. From the first time I spoke with Lisa I knew that we were going to have a wonderful time working together at the lovely venue The Fields of Blackberry Cove, near Asheville, NC.  


A Wedding Band Near the Heart

However, after chatting and preparing paperwork for Lisa and Nick things became quiet. At first, I assumed it was because both of these brave souls serve in our armed forces and perhaps something had come up. Yet, after almost two weeks of not hearing from them I contacted Nick to see if everything was ok. Sadly, he told me that Lisa’s Grandfather had taken ill and passed away. My heart went out to both because loss halts our lives in an instant, and with their wedding only a couple months away I knew it would be hard for Lisa.


I expressed my deepest condolences to Lisa and told them to take all the time they needed to grieve and that I would hold their date for them. When the day of their celebration of love arrived, I was excited to meet both of them. It was also the first time I would be working with Destination Elopements although Katrina and I had spoken to one another several times in the past. One of the first things I noticed upon arriving and introducing myself was the wedding band that Lisa had on a chain around her neck and that she kept touching and holding it. When I asked her about it she told me it was her late grandfather’s wedding band. 

“What a fitting and beautiful tribute to him,” I said. I told her I really wanted to showcase some images of it for her and that her grandfather was there in spirit and close to her heart. As I asked her to move closer to the window for the natural light it began to rain and I felt like her grandfather was sending his love from heaven.


A Surprised and Delighted Groom

It was not long after taking some portraits of Lisa that her flowers arrived, provided by the talented Stargazer’s florist. I went downstairs to get them and say hello to Kristi, the owner and creator of the lovely bouquet, when Nick arrived. 

It never fails the last hour before a wedding ceremony begins becomes hectic and rushed. I knew at that point since he had just arrived and had not been kidnapped by family members yet, it was the perfect time to capture his portrait. 

I had him pose a couple of different ways quickly, but then he became distracted. In fact, he practically jumped and ran out the front doors. I was bewildered so I made to follow and I found him outside wrapping two gentlemen in huge hugs as they got out of a taxi. I soon discovered that these two were his groomsmen and they had been delayed by the airlines and no one thought they were going to make it. They did make it 15 minutes before the ceremony was to start, so the decision was made to postpone it until they had a few moments to change and freshen up. It was obvious that Nick was beyond elated that they made it just in time.


When I went upstairs to notify everyone that the ceremony was going to be postponed a little bit I found Lisa happily munching on Doritos. I couldn’t help but crack up and I had to take some shots. She wasn’t alone in her munching though, but you know what? It was her wedding day so I said, “do what you want hon!” Doritos should contact her to be in one of their ads.


The groomsman hurriedly dressed, and the time had finally arrived for the ceremony to begin! Because it had decided to rain everything was moved indoors near a large fireplace on the main level. If you ever get a chance to view the fireplace at The Fields of Blackberry Cove it is a masterpiece. Whoever built it placed geodes within the stonework and is simply stunning.
Lisa’s father escorted her down the stairs and she carried bright and cheerful tulips. They were her “pop-of-color” along with her shoes. Nick’s tie also matched her tulips.


As the ceremony began Katrina asked everyone on behalf of the bride and groom to participate in a tradition I had not yet heard of called, “The Warming of the Rings.” I really enjoy attending ceremonies where I learn something new and the couple adds a unique spin to their nuptials. Each family member, and those that are in attendance, are asked to hold the rings in their hands and ask or pray blessings over them for the couple. As the ring passed between everyone I felt tears well up in my eyes as they were lovingly held or kissed. It was very special because the bride’s grandmother even crocheted the ring pillow on which they lay.


Nick and Lisa chose to write their own vows and it had everyone’s emotions high. Lisa could not help but cry as Nick said his vows to her but then she burst out laughing when he attempted to speak to her in Spanish. It was certainly a memorable moment.


Their first kiss was passionate and lasting, and it was evident that these two were madly in love. After the ceremony the reception was to be held down in the renovated stable and was also catered by the venue.


I must say that this little gem of a place to get married is one filled with all kinds of things to capture the imagination. I love all of the intimate touches such as this stunning garden fountain to the flowers planted in the garden. The Fields of Blackberry Cove have an air elegance to them.


Rainy Day Wedding Portraits

When the rain did lift for about 30 minutes the mist coming off of the mountains set the mood for some dramatic images. I prefer to shoot on cloudly days more than any other due to drama it adds in the background and even lighting. So, I always tells couples not to worry too much about the weather. 

The Fields of Blackberry Cove Intimate Wedding

I would have to say that just hanging out with these two all day kept me giggling and I felt just like one of the family. Everyone was happy and relaxed and it was clear that these two will have many years of happiness between them. My best wishes Lisa & Nick! And thank you for your service to our great country! You can view more of their images below as well as additional vendor information that was provided. 

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