I adore being outdoors and finding places to have random adventures. This naturally leads me to be a nature photographer from time to time. Like many other professional photographers creating images of flowers, leaves, landscapes, trees, etc. is how I got started in my chosen career.

Once I got into the professional side of doing portraits and weddings, I restricted myself from enjoying my first love. Why in the world would I do that?

The answer to that is simple, I felt to be authentic; I had to focus only on what I wanted my business to showcase.


Never quit doing something you love because you obligate yourself to do so. If you do, what will end up happening is you will become miserable. This Fall, I have declared to the world that I will revive my sense of wonder and awe in the mountains that I call home.

If you enjoy peaceful images of the forests, trails, and waterways of Western North Carolina, then this is the place where you will find my nature-inspired curated collection for your viewing pleasure.

Come back often because you never know what I will take an image of next.

I have my parents to thank for my siren call into the wilderness. I am blessed to have had them teach me that the land on which we live is sacred, sustainable and that we should respect it.

It is my hope that by scaling the rocks and creeks to hiking to the peaks that I will instill this same love in my own children.

If you are a native to this area, Welcome! My advice is to get out and be a tourist in your own home. If you are not, well, welcome to you too! Come and enjoy the adventures of my home in and around Waynesville, NC.