Peeler Wedding Maggie Valley

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Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-12

Olivia and Thomas Peeler had a lively and fun wedding in Maggie Valley about a month ago at the Willow House and Social Barn. It was one of the most enjoyable weddings I have attended in a long time. Their entire wedding party were jovial as well as both sides of their families. 

Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-37
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-36

Both Thomas and Olivia are teachers enriching the lives of their students so it was wonderful to see a couple with like passions join together in love. Olivia even had family fly in from overseas to celebrate with them. Her Opa (Grandpa) was a spirited gentleman who had me laughing the entire time I was there. He also was not afraid to get out with everyone else and dance the night away. 

For their ceremony they chose the front lawn of the Willow House overlooking the creek. For decor they had McKenzie Botanticals create colorful bouquets of wildflowers! They were the perfect pop to the bridesmaids gowns which were a muted shade of grey. Believe or not Olivia told me she ordered the gowns for $20 a piece off of Amazon and they could each be wrapped and worn different ways to suit those wearing them.

Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-18
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-17
Wedding Peeler-Sabrina L. Greene--2
Wedding Peeler-Sabrina L. Greene--4
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Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-35
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Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-22
One of the most tender things about this wedding was that Olivia chose to remember her other grandparents within her bouquet. For her grandfather she had a silver bell tied to the stems with a charm that said, "It's a wonderful life!." This was his favorite movie and for her grandmother she had a white tulip placed in with the flowers. Olivia also wore one of her familes enagement rings during the ceremony and used her grandmother's heirloom cake serving set at the reception.
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-19
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-23
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-11
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-24
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Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-34
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-31
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-28
I still cannot get over the variety of bright bold colors she chose! But as you can see below she loves textures and color, she even had them in her shoes.
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-3
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-29
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-30

It really was a fun and relaxed wedding and I didn’t even want to leave that night. So often at weddings people become a little stiff but this was not one of them. It was a true celebration of a lovely couple and family.

Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-32
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-5
Peeler Wedding-Sabrina L. Greene-38

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Following Vendors:

  • Venue & Officiant:  The Willow House & Social Barn
  • Planning:  Something Like a Dream Events
  • Florist:  McKenzie Botanticals
  • Photography:  Sabrina L. Greene
  • Hair & Makeup:  All About You Salon
  • DJ:  Kuehn Sound Co.
  • Catering:  Liazzos
  • Cake:  Let Them Eat Cake
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