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As a professional photographer, I am fortunate to photograph people from all over the world. I am living my dream of owning my own business and seeing the joy I bring to others. However, photographing other people was not my original intention when I began this journey many years ago.

Initially, I wanted to document my life and share my story through art, but even that lost its allure over time. I went through some difficult years that helped me discover who I am and what I love. Finding myself and my passions doesn’t mean that you cannot find a sense of my daily life and family here because that will inevitably be a part of all I do. But now that I know what drives my creativity at the core, the real fun has just begun.

For the Love of Story!

My earliest memories are with books!

I love story, I live story, I create stories!

Life is a narrative that we read and write every day. Photography is about capturing fleeting moments of our lives to treasure for a lifetime.

BUT! What if something you read ignites a spark to visually bring what you read to life? Or if the spark drives you to make up a story that needs to be told?

Then you put your pen to paper, make notes, do research, and contact your friends to CREATE! Because the muse does not always stay around very long, you have to accept her gift while it is being presented, or she will give it to someone else.

That is what you will find here. The sparks of my imagination that have driven me to bring my visions to life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have in creating them.

My Fellow Creative Hearts

I could not bring my inspirations to life if not for the support and equally creative hearts of Fab Flawless and White Knight Cosplay. We regularly work together and inspire each other to express ourselves through art. You will find their talents here as much as my own.