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Fantasy and folktales are everywhere, from commercials to what is trending on the New York Bestsellers Booklist and everything in between. We even live in a world of fantasy through our obsessions with social media by creating content or consuming what others create. We are immediately indoctrinated to explore fairytales, fantasy worlds, and folktales when we are children. This begins with what we are read by teachers in school or the shows we watch on television. I never lost my love for these tales and initially started my journey into photography as a fantasy photographer.

Naturally, as I began to build my business as a professional photographer, I had to focus on genres that would allow me to grow financially. However, I am finally in a place where I get to go back to my original inspirations and spend time with them.

Here you will find my personal projects that fuel my desire to continue to create!

What is Fantasy Photography?

In simple terms, fantasy photography is a genre that uses photography and the art of editing to create another world. This type of photography crosses other genres, such as fine art, conceptual, and portraits. It is also common to find elements of surrealism and imagination in the final images made.

This genre is connected to my first adorations of literature, film, and art. Having my degree in literature, I find inspiration from the tropes, motifs, and themes I read.

Many themes of my work include fairy tales (stories with elements of magic, fantastic forces, and beings), folklore (stories that are timeless but deal with the ordinary), mythology, ghost stories, legends, and more.

To create my imagined worlds, I often collaborate with other talented creatives who you will see featured in the galleries below.

Why is the

Fantasy Genre


Fairy tales and folktales are some of the oldest forms of story that we have. Although they have been collected and compiled over the centuries, they originated with oral history.

With exploring fantasy portraiture, I am also studying literary criticism again. This means I am not only reading tales from all cultures around the world but also learning how these stories have impacted us. 

The great works of fantasy allow us to suspend our disbelief and enter new lands. We can have experiences that teach us or those we would not ordinarily have in these new worlds. For example, we learn to be wary of strangers from the retelling of Red Riding Hood. Or we can be inspired to be brave by the tale of Sir Gawain and the dragon.

We have always had art that depicts fairy and folk tales, from cave paintings to elaborate illustrated images in books and paintings. I am following in the footsteps of my predecessors by taking what they started and making it modern through new technology.

Creative Team Collaborators

Meet my favorite creative collaborators! 

Fab Flawless Hair and Makeup Artistry

Fab Flawless

Hair & Makeup Artistry

Fab Flawless Hair and Makeup Artistry is a premier professional hair and makeup company based in Asheville, NC.  Founder Sheri Gaffney and her team offer on-location hair and makeup services for weddings, fashion shows, corporate events, and film.

White Knight Cosplay-Sybil Todd

White Knight Cosplay

Costume Design

White Knight Cosplay is the creative brainchild of Sybil Todd. Sybil is a director, costume and prop designer, actor, avid cosplayer. She loves to create and is constantly sewing something. When she is not designing, she is teaching her craft to others.

Enter My Fantasy Wonderland

Now I invite you to come with me as I explore by visiting the imagination of my mind! Click on any of the galleries below to learn more about the story and inspiration behind the photoshoot.