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Siren Wedding Package Sabrina L Greene

Sabrina is an experienced photographer and Photoshop artist of many years. She fell in love with the art of photography and photo manipulation in 2009 while in college at Mars Hill University. She holds a BA in English with minors in both Regional and Women’s Studies. With an appreciation for all the arts her love of reading is what influences her artwork the most. The genres of fantasy, mythology, poetry, oral tradition, and regional literature are recurrent inspirations for her work.

She resides in Western North Carolina in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains nestled about 25 minutes west of Asheville, NC. Being a native daughter of the majestic blue hills of the Southern Appalachians she has nature at her doorstep and as a canvas to create her unique imagery. Sabrina’s photography is described as painterly, surreal, and dreamlike. Even her traditional portraiture showcases these traits, especially with children.

Her hobbies include listening to haunting melodies or audiobooks, painting, daydreaming, or researching her next project. Sabrina is married to JJ who patiently listens to her creative ramblings, mother of Aidan and Gracie, and worshipped by Snickers the spaniel.