Family & Individual Portrait Photography

Portraits are important! Photographs allow us to share and tell stories that we are not always able to give voice too. Photography can be thought of as an act of dissection because it enables us to capture slices of time to look back on for years after the image was created. As a portrait photographer, I have the privilege of being a visual biographer to the most fantastic narratives you can imagine.   

If you are a parent, you already know how quickly children change as they grow. The child that a mother gives birth to in the hospital looks drastically different within a week after they come home. However, it isn’t only children that change. We change daily, as well. Photography, regardless of whether it is created with a cell phone or a professional camera, let’s us document these changes to enjoy year after year.  

As a family photographer, I help families express their personalities and the bonds they have with their children. As parents, we get busy, but we should not shy away from what we love and treasure most, and that is our children. It is easy to take a moment and capture our kids doing something fun and quirky with our cell phones, but it isn’t the same as a professionally crafted photograph.  

I adore capturing the changing lives of families by creating lasting keepsakes. Photographing your happy family takes patience, skill, and a dash of fun mixed in. I take the time to get to know you and your children and will work with you to find a location that is comfortable for everyone, even if that is in your home. Besides your home is where most of your memories are created, why not document you and your children there?  

The bottom line is that visual imagery is powerful, and you deserve to have quality photos to enjoy.
If you have an idea, contact me and let’s discuss it!