Portrait Photography

There are several reasons why portrait photography is important. Individuals and families both need to engage in documenting their lives. That is what portraits do, they freeze time and allow us to keep that moment forever and relive it time and again. Inevitably, we change over the years and our children seem to change in the blink of an eye. Having your portrait created regularly allows you to look back and see just how much everyone has changed over the years. I thoroughly enjoy being a portrait photographer and I delight in seeing you and your children each year, even the furry members of your family.

Documenting the change in children is why school photos are so popular and are still a thriving business today. However, it is just as important, if not more so, that you document your family through the years. Take a moment and think back to how many times you have pulled out a box of photographic memories at your parents’ home and smiled. Your children want to see you in their memory box as well.

Portraits don’t have to be just about family though. If you are a couple or single it is still important to document your life. There are more milestones in our lives than just having children and getting married. Portraits are also a celebration of you! I personally believe it is high time that we all learn to embrace and celebrate ourselves and others. Taking selfies are fine for posting on social media and the like, but their quality is never the same as having your portrait taken by a professional.

Professional portrait photography is also about creating beautiful wall art for your home. Art that can boost your self-esteem each time you look upon it. Did you know that having a family portrait hanging in your home has a positive impact on your children? It is a reminder that together you are a unit and matter to one another. The same is true for couples, portraits serve as a reminder of their love. And individual portraits can remind you that you are indeed beautiful and have a purpose. There never is a bad time to consider having your portrait made.