Rebekah + Daniel a Pisgah National Forest Engagement

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Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-11

A Couple Who Loves Nature

Rebekah contacted me near the end of summer this year and inquired about doing a nature-inspired engagement session. After chatting with her for a little bit I knew that we were going to have a great time. Both she and her fiancé, Daniel, love the outdoors and being local they wanted to have their session out in the woods they love. It was a perfect time for them to celebrate their engagement because Rebekah was finishing nursing school and had just accepted a job doing what she has worked so hard to achieve.

Once I met both on the day of their shoot, I knew I would like Daniel because of his laid-back demeanor. He was also employed at the North Carolina Arboretum and very knowledgeable about plants. I used to work in a greenhouse when I was in high school and my late Grandmother was a true green-thumb. It did not take long before we were discussing native plants and the like, I knew it was going to be a fun evening.

Since Rebekah wanted the vibrant green of the woods as a backdrop, I decided to take all of us up to one of my favorite waterfalls above Lake Logan. While the descent from the main road to the base of the falls is very steep, I knew it would give me a variety of places in a small area to photograph them. While I photographed them, I asked both Rebekah and Daniel about their relationship. It was obvious they were totally and helplessly in love.

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Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-5

How Did You Two Meet Each Other

As they found their way to the stones amid the rushing falls, I asked, “So how did you two meet each other?”

They sheepishly looked at each other, grinned widely, then Daniel said, “We met on Tinder.”

Rebekah said, “Well weren’t using the app for what it is usually used for.”

“No judgement here,” I said smiling, “I met my husband though Facebook of all places.”

Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-2

Rebekah smiled up at Daniel and continued, “I wanted to find somebody because my dad was dying of cancer and was seeking friendship. Daniel waited for years after a bad breakup to look for someone. We were looking for friendship more than anything. We texted for a while before deciding to go on a date. I was so nervous to finally meet him and of course we met at a public place first. When I arrived, I actually saw him sitting in his truck and stared at him for a few minutes while mustering up the courage to introduce myself. Then, without a second thought, I just hopped in his passenger seat, totally unexpected on his part, and said ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ Then we went to a coffee shop downtown, drove for hours on the parkway and around town, just talking and getting to know one another. The rest is history.”

Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-3
Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-4

When Did You Know He Was "The One"

As they relaxed and started to act naturally around one another, it’s important to be natural in sessions, I asked, “When did you know he was the one?” I always strive to have my couples not look at me when answering these questions, so they can connect to on another more instead of me.


“I knew on the first date I’d marry him. I remember talking about our family values and our goals for the future and thinking, ‘Wow, I could see myself liking this guy.’”

Daniel grinned and hugged Rebekah closer to him and said, “It just took me a little longer than it did her.”

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Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-6

Wildberry Please

Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-7

As they were walking around Daniel found some late Summer berries. He started pulling them off and gave them to Rebekah who said, “Can we eat these?”

Daniel laughed and just plopped them into his mouth and said, “Of course you can.”

Tell Me the Story of Your Proposal

Image of the Ring & Box Provided by Rebekah

“Well, I’d just graduated from nursing school and passed my licensing exam, so I sort of thought that it was the natural next step in our relationship. To celebrate my graduating and just take a vacation, we drove out west to Colorado and Moab, Utah for a three-week road trip. In Arches national park there is a site called the delicate arch which is quite a hike to get to. I am not the most outdoorsy, heat-tolerant person, and at high noon on the red rocks, it was probably 140 degrees. I was sweaty and tired and probably suffering heat exhaustion.

"Delicate Arch" Provided by Rebekah

 I was not having the best time, so after seeing the arch we hiked back down where I blasted the air conditioning in the car. He says he didn’t know when or where he was going to propose, but he wanted it to be memorable. He’d seen I was exhausted, sweaty and covered in the dust of Moab, and I wanted nothing more than to head back to our campsite to jump in the pool to cool off. So, he pulled over at a beautiful overlook heading out of the park, got out of the car, came over to my side and popped open a beautiful handmade cedar ring box. I was so not expecting it and he was so nervous, I actually said “oh no!” in surprise and wouldn’t let him finish before hugging him. I hugged him for so long he burned his knee on the asphalt. It was so authentic and real and just goes to show proposals don’t always have to be planned or perfect. It is a funny and beautiful story we now get to share with everybody.”

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Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-9

What Do You Love Most About Him

Rebekah-“I love how much Daniel cares for others, especially family. He loves my laugh and how it can make everyone else laugh.”

It’s obvious in his smile here isn’t it? I think so. Daniel adores his future bride.

Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-14

Do Either of You Have Any Quirks

“I tag him in Facebook posts when he’s next to me instead of just showing him. He babies our dog and spoils her rotten,” She said laughing.

Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-10

What Are You Looking Forward to the Most

Near the end of our session I asked each what they were looking forward to the most about their upcoming wedding.

Rebekah said, “I’m looking forward to my grandfather walking me down the aisle, since my Dad can’t be there.”

Daniel said that he is looking forward to their honeymoon getaway.

Pisgah Forest Engagement Sabrina L Greene-8

I cannot wait to see what Daniel and Rebekah’s wedding is going to be like in the near future. I can also so I cannot see a better couple suited for one another. I really enjoyed spending time with them in the Pisgah National Forest and helping them to celebrate both Rebekah’s accomplishment in graduating nursing school and their engagement. They have plans to get married on May 25, 2019!

Sabrina L. Greene is a portrait, engagement, and wedding photographer located near Asheville, NC. For information about booking her for your event, celebration or wedding visit or click the links above in the menu.

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