Welcome to the home of Sabrina L. Greene’s world of hybrid art and illustration. You are entering a world of diverse art that Sabrina creates depending on her mood and inspiration via digital art and traditional mediums.

Sabrina's Chosen Mediums

Sabrina is a self-taught hybrid artist that works in a variety of mediums. She is primarily a digital artist, working in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, which allows her the freedom to use a variety of tools to achieve many styles of art.

Yet when her creations are printed, she then adds traditional mediums to her work such as:

  • Acrylics & Metallics
  • Pens
  • Glazes & Gels
  • Gelatos
  • Alcohol Markers
  • Modeling Paste
  • Specialized Fine Glitter
  • Watercolor & Gouache
  • And Other Found Items as Inspired

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About Sabrina

Would you like to know more about her? Sabrina shares her personal journey about she came to find her true calling as an artist here. It was not an easy road, but she is thankful for it.

Art Blog

Stay up to date with what Sabrina is working on here. She regularly shows her completed artwork on her blog along with her inspiration and creative process.

The Galleries

Being insipred by so many things around her she has a wide portfolio of styles. Here you can view her artwork ranging from illustrations, commissions &, paintings

Custom Fine Art

Are you interested in having Sabrina create something special for you? If so, this is where you can learn more! She can take any photo you have and make it into art you will cherish!

She got her start in the art world through photography and the desire to document her life. However, just capturing the details of what was around her was not enough. This led to Sabrina exploring the aspects of mixed media art journaling both digitally through Adobe Photoshop and traditional art journaling methods.

Once she became grounded in these techniques her imagination and creative drive exploded!

Learning to express herself through color and texture brought the missing piece she had been needing to bloom into a true artist.

She has a collection of digital and mixed media journals, but she found she needed to become more “organic” in her artwork. That is why she began to study more traditional methods of painting.   

Simply laying color down on a page with a photo was not satisfying her growing curiosity. No, Sabrina wanted to learn to draw and paint! She will also tell you that she does not feel she has, “not quite got there yet.” An artist never stops learning so she continues to study daily. Yet, her background of mixed media shows up frequently in her art in various ways.

Mixed Media Journal 2 Sabrina L Greene
Mixed Media Journal Sabrina L Greene

Artist Statement

Sabrina L. Greene

“The dance between light, color, and texture is a visual experience that enlivens the soul. Having the capability to both capture and experiment with these elements is an extension of myself and how I see the world. Whether I pick up my camera, Wacom Art Pen, or paintbrush I get excited to create.

Some days I create in bold vibrant color and others I use softly muted pallets. Emotions vary daily, and I believe that we should be allowed to express ourselves in the same way instead of limiting ourselves.

My ultimate goal is to use art to tell my story, as well as other’s stories, in a way that transfixes the viewer to pause and reflect on life. Life is a canvas and we are each a paintbrush that chooses the individual brush strokes that make up the art of our lives.”


Sabrina is also an accomplished fine art photographer who specializes in weddings and portraits. Her style of photography is well-known for its vibrant color and storybook feel. To book her for a session, event or wedding click below to enter her photography world!