Sabrina L. Greene the Hybrid Artist

Hi I am Sabrina L. Greene! I am a hybrid artist that works in both digital, or virtual, mediums and traditional art methods  such as mixed media and painting.

My journey into the world of art happened in a roundabout way. It took me a long time to discover my creative and artistic persona. Yet, even though the journey was “different” by many people’s standards it has made me unique.

Digital Art vs. Traditional Art

Regardless of the type of art, you enjoy there is one thing that we can all agree on and that is that it requires a skilled artisan. Why else do we treasure the classic artisans such as Renoir, Monet, JMW Turner, Cezanne, Degas, Sargent and more?

Those are just a few of the great Impressionists that I adore!

We value their talents and contributions made to society, but they were forward thinkers. They changed the techniques that were currently being used at that time and in turn rattled the art world forever.

I like to consider myself one of those visionaries.

Ninety-eight percent of my artwork begins through the lens of a camera, or an image someone has sent me, that I then paint digitally. After I have painted an image, I then send it off for print on either quality Fine Art Paper or Giclee canvas. Once it arrives and I inspect it another level of artistic techniques are applied.

If the artwork I am working on is to be finished on canvas I apply mediums such as gels, glazes, modeling paste, metallic and acrylic paints, paint pens, etc. to the canvas just as if it were blank. When I am finished with the piece it is difficult to tell the difference between it and a traditionally painted canvas.

The beauty of the way I work is that I don’t have monstrous drying times! I have always wanted to play in oils but the immense drying time between coats of paints makes me angsty. However, I get to play with oils digitally and they dry instantly.

And as a bonus, I can create duplicates of the same painting! This is perfect for clients who want to create gifts for their family. For example, creating a memory piece of a beloved love one or a pet.

My fine art prints are created in a similar fashion. They are painted digitally as well but when they arrive, I use different mediums to them to continue the hand painted touch. I resort to metallic pens, gelatos, specialized glitter, etc. for a unique finish.

Either way, my art is hand painted from the beginning to the end. 

How do you paint digitally? Do you use a one-click preset?

No, below are examples of a “one-click” painting that you can create with a preset or phone app and one I have painted. Every stroke of my artwork is done by hand using a Wacom Tablet and Wacom Art Pen.

One-Click Preset from Topaz Studios
Custom Fine Art Sabrina L Greene
Hand Painted in oth Corel and Photoshop by Sabrina

How did you get into this style of art?

As a child, I had heard stories that my Mom was a skilled artist, but she never had the opportunity to pursue it due to illness. My brother took a lot of art classes all through school, but I didn’t. To be honest I was afraid to try.

It wasn’t until I got into college that I found the nerve to take a digital photography course. It was this class that introduced me to Adobe Photoshop and the art of “seeing like an artist.” I fell in love with photography and pursued it for many years. However, I found that it just wasn’t enough.

After my son was born, I wanted to find a way to document my life and that led me back into Photoshop. While learning it I met some wonderful mentors who opened my soul to the beauty of art journaling both traditionally and digitally.

My techniques grew as did my interest in traditional art because I wanted to become more “organic.” Capturing an image with my camera is wonderful and I love it, but I “captured” those lines and textures, I didn’t draw or paint them.

Over time I discovered ways to combine both my digital art with traditional techniques. This discovery came through playing with mixed media and it all fell into place. It was a long but natural progression into my now preferred creative process.

To me, there is a magic that happens when you physically create something by hand. It feels as though I become “one” with the art. Through my experimentations, I can dig deep into the essence of my subject.  Creating art is a soul-fulfilling connection and experience for me.

I cannot live my life without art now, it is who I am.

Ok, but what does the “L” in your name stand for?

When I started my photography business a couple of years ago, I discovered that there is another photographer and real estate agent out there both known as “Sabrina Greene.” They also had websites, so I thought I would just go by “Sabrina Louise.” Louise is my middle name and initial. However, there were two photographers in the US who went by Sabrina Louise, so I had to become “Sabrina L Greene” as a domain name and it just stuck.

My full name, now that I am remarried to the love of my life, is Sabrina Louise Greene-Rusk.