Sabrina L. Greene-Fine Art Photographer

Photographer Sabrina L Greene

If you had told me years ago my favorite subject to photograph was going to be people I would have hysterically laughed. When I first picked up a camera in college, I thought the only subjects I would take photos of were going to be flowers and streams. Yet, here I am over 15 years later photographing weddings, families, and more as a career!

I’m Sabrina L. Greene, the “L” is for Louise, and I am a Fine Art Wedding and Portrait Photographer serving Asheville, Waynesville, Hendersonville, and the surrounding areas.  I am also a highly experienced Photoshop Artist, Retoucher, and Painter.

What is a Fine Art Photographer?

A fine art photographer is one who uses their unique vision to tell a message, story, or emotion within everything they capture.

Fine art photography uses traditional art techniques such as creative composition, lighting, and post-production to really take their images to a level of high art.

For example, since I regularly study art and the human form for my paintings it naturally translates into how I photograph my subjects.

On a wedding day it is common to find me moving and “staging” items and creating compositions of details such as rings, flowers, and more.

My post-production, editing, techniques are highly developed and lend to my images often looking like paintings. I even have my very own “color recipe” I add to my images.

Is this not what all photographers do?

No, every photographer has a different style, but we typically fall within genres such as traditional, photojournalistic or documentary, vintage, fashion, etc.

However, I do pull from other styles such as traditional, fashion, and photojournalism throughout a wedding day or session to have a well-rounded set of images to tell my clients stories.

Photographer Sabrina L Greene Lens

What sets you apart?

I would have to say my vision I have for those I photograph.

Right before I click the shutter on my camera, I have an instantaneous flash of inspiration of what the finished image will look like.

My clients love my use of detail in their images and often tell me that I capture the moods and emotions of them perfectly.

I hold an English degree from Mars Hill University, therefore, I naturally gravitate to stories. In my opinion, I believe everyone, and everything has a story to tell. It is just my job to show the world what those stories are and draw attention to them.

Photoshop Retoucher & Artist

Another thing that sets me apart from other photographers in the region, and beyond, is that I am highly skilled in the Adobe programs of Photoshop and Lightroom.

As I was learning photography and experimenting in the early years, I discovered the joys of photo manipulation. I enjoyed it so much that I got sidetracked for about two years studying the ins and outs of Photoshop.

I had a wonderful mentor who taught me “just enough” and challenged me daily for over two years to explore my creativity in this program. She was a beta tester for Photoshop back when it was being created.

I learned to retouch images before I perfected my shooting techniques!

This unique skill set allows me to assure my clients that I can handle most insecurity issues they may have. As well as, allows me to bring unique ideas they may have to fruition as well!

Photographer Sabrina L Greene Shooting

What do you enjoy most about photographing people?

People never believe this when I tell them, but I am an introvert.

“But you are so bubbly! You cannot possibly be an introvert!”

I hear this line all the time but in fact, I am highly introverted, but people fascinate me.

For anyone who has taken the Myers Briggs Typology test in college, or for a job interview, I am an INFJ.

This means I love people and their stories, but I must have extended periods of quiet to recharge. We INFJ’s also love the arts.

Being a photographer allows me to connect with others in a way that I never thought possible. I was so introverted when I started photography no one knew I was around. The camera became a symbol and tool for me to learn to interact with the world.

I can attend social gatherings and chat with anyone if I am going to take their picture. Then observe what is going on from a hidden position and capture their own experiences.

After it is all said and done, I get to go home to my “quiet space,” turn on jazz or classical music and relive the session or wedding as I edit.

It really is the perfect career for me and I would love to learn more about you and help you in capturing your unique stories!