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Springtime Wedding Laurel Ridge Country Club Waynesville NC

Spring weddings in the mountains of Western North Carolina can be a struggle sometimes. The weather can be temperamental and change at a moment’s notice. For example, last week, we were pushing 80°, and the past few days, we dropped back down into the 60s with days of neverending rain. However, as a wedding photographer, you must adapt to whatever the weather throws at you.

Bright and Sunny Wedding at The Fields of Blackberry Cove
Springtime Wedding The Fields of Blackberry Cove

For the Galloway wedding, it was very bright, sunny, and warm. So warm, in fact, that my intern Sara and I were burning up waiting on the wedding to begin. Their wedding day was packed with fun and exciting things to celebrate their love story.

WEB Galloway Wedding Fields of Blackberry Cove Sabrina L Greene Photography 12

Hailey is a woman after my own heart because she loves the striking beauty of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains as much as I do. If I were to plan a vow renewal for my husband and me, I would probably go with the theme she chose.

I told her after the wedding that she must share her playlist with me. OMG! Everything from the ceremony to the music and décor was all North Carolina mountain-themed! It makes the perfect soundtrack to driving the backroads here.

A Tricky Sunset Photoshoot
WEB Galloway Wedding Fields of Blackberry Cove Sabrina L Greene Photography 14

Sunset was a bit tricky that day at the Fields of Blackberry Cove, and it was not overly dramatic like I prefer.

Bride Twirling the Dandelions by Sabrina Greene Photography

However, as the sun dipped, I noticed a patch of dandelions growing in the field. My imagination exploded, and I moved Hailey to where they were. Lying almost flat on the ground, I captured the image above.

Bright Sunny Day Wedding near Asheville NC

It was so whimsical! And, of course, it reminded me of being a child sitting in my grandmother’s yard looking into Tennessee, blowing dandelions, and making wishes.

Waynesville NC Photographer Sabrina L Greene
Pastel Sunset at the Laurel Ridge Country Club
Laurel Ridge Country Club Bride & Groom Standing on the 18th hole

Moving forward, about a week, I had the Beachy wedding at The Laurel Ridge Country Club. The weather had decided to change, and we had dipped into the 60s. My husband had told me to grab a jacket, but I said I didn’t need it.

Windswept Blush Wedding Gown Bride and Groom at The Laurel Ridge Country Club

I should have listened because the wind was sporadically teasing everyone. After the wedding ceremony, the sun eventually made a brief appearance.

Despite the wind, the sky was full of dramatic clouds. Clouds make for ravishing backgrounds! Especially with my editing style.

Spring Weddings at the Laurel Ridge Country Club Bride and Groom Smiling at Sunset
Spring Weddings at the Laurel Ridge Country Club Bride and Groom Smiling at Sunset

We popped back up on the 18th hole during the reception to capture the setting sun as it lazily drifted off to sleep. I could have waited a little longer to deepen the colors, but their florals and décor were all natural pastels.

Early sunset was perfect for their images! The softness of the color of Katie’s wedding dress stood out fiercely against the dramatic nature of the cloud cover.

I love juxtapositions in art and books. Give me drama against softness any day of the week!

Bride and Groom First Kiss The Laurel Ridge Country Club
Dandelion Wishes Do Come True

I guess the dandelions were making my wishes come true because, at the Beachy wedding, we had my ideal shooting conditions.

These two weddings were striking, and I was delighted to shoot both. One challenged me to think outside the box, while the other inspired a softer edit structure.

Table Arrangement in Pastel Colors by Sundragon Florals
Table Arrangement in Pastel Colors by Sundragon Florals

Looking for the small details at weddings always inspires me. I am always striving to find the unique element that can help me tell a story. What better way to say, “I got married in springtime in the mountains,” than including dandelions with my imagery?

What do dandelions remind you of? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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