The Artist’s Sacred Ritual-Personal Journal

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Artist Sacred Ritual-Sabrina L Greene


There was a time in my life where I journaled at least five days a week, and it was the source for everything I created. Sadly I let that practice go for many years, and I have realized I need to get back to it. The method of journaling became what I like to call, “The Artist’s Sacred Ritual,” before I even knew what it was. However, I never showed the world what I wrote and how I used it to be inspired and dealt with mental blocks.

To be honest, I have been afraid to share it with others. Not from fear that someone would copy it and adopt the same method but rather the fear of judgment.

In today’s society, sadly, we live in a time where we are so quick to judge others; it can cripple creativity. It has mine, but why should I live in the shadows? I shouldn’t, and that is why I am choosing to be brave and share my heart.

What others think does not matter, but maybe by sharing my heart, it can give courage to someone else. So without further ado, I share my sacred ritual with you.

Thursday, July 18, 2019


I used to journal every day, and it really helped me to keep my mind and soul rooted and deal with issues. I have no idea why I pulled back from it, I wish I did, but I don’t. Is it because I fear to deal with my own shortcomings? Or perhaps it is a mental block from how I used this practice to cope with my first marriage failing?

All I know now is that I struggle to write when it used to bring me such joy.

I go through each day with beautiful phrases and conversations with you in my mind, but I no longer write them down. Forgive me, my dearest father, friend, confidant, and healer. You gifted me God with a fun imagination and have led me to have a close relationship with you that I have kept private all my life.


I find it intriguing that lately, you have been tugging at my heart calling me back to this practice that thrilled me when Aidan was just a little tyke crawling around the house.

I poured my heart out to you about everything! From the pressures of daily life to how I longed to be creative.

That was almost 10 years ago, and man did that time literally fly by.

I had everything that a young woman in the great USA could want and should have as far as the “American Dream” is concerned.

Then lost it all and fell into the pit of despair devoid of all light for years.

Now you have brought me full circle, and I feel fresh and renewed. Where would I be without you sweet Lord?

Artist's Sacred Ritual 2

The Artist’s Sacred Ritual

I just pray that I don’t let this go again because it was a highlight of my day, it really was. Help me not to neglect this sacred practice, ritual, or whatever you may call it.

I suppose, as an artist, you should have a sacred ritual. Then again I have been listening to “Anne of Green Gables” by L. M. Montgomery lately, and I laugh because I was so that child growing up.

Saying an artist should have a sacred ritual sounds just like something Anne would say.

Listening to those stories reminded me of how Anne’s romantic ramblings and chatter were very akin to my own, even now.

The longing to be intimate with you, Lord, oh how I have missed it! Sometimes I imagine you sitting up there on your throne chuckling when you consider me.

Maybe you laugh to yourself and say, “Look what I did when I made that one! If she would ever get out of her own way.”

I have taken a long way around to come back to what you gave me as a tool to be who I am and more.

Lord! I always had the best ideas when I wrote to you! In my little ritual of journaling, I would discover creative insights and solutions that I would have never otherwise found!

It’s settled! I may not get to this every day, but I can sure put forth the effort.

I can’t help but laugh because JJ was amazed, not long ago, at how quickly I type when I need to.

I would have never achieved this speed without having practiced journaling at least five days a week back long ago.

Yep, I might ramble a little, but this ritual was where it all began, even my journey into photography sprang from this practice.

Personal Journal

A Spirit of Gratitude

I learned to live a life of gratitude through writing. And without gratitude, how can we create?

Artists, photographers, writers, and anyone else who creates in various ways do so because they are thankful for something.

We take what we perceive through all our senses and then make a representation of it through our own interpretations.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and you know it, but most of all for you, Lord, for making me. I get tired of starting stuff then not following through, but that is because I have not been working through you and what you have given me. When I take the time to be gracious, you inspire me, and if I don’t practice with the tools you have given me, I fail.

Geez, it is no wonder I have been a flop the past year or two!

Oh well, the past is in the past, but I can move forward now. Being gracious and using my ritual was how I stayed focused, and with your help, God, I can do anything.

Thank you, God, for being you and always listening.



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Sabrina is an experienced photographer and Photoshop artist of many years. She fell in love with the art of photography and photo manipulation in 2009 while in college at Mars Hill University. She holds a BA in English with minors in both Regional and Women’s Studies. With an appreciation for all the arts her love of reading is what influences her artwork the most.

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