Photography Submission to Enchanted Living Magazine 

Issue No. 63 Summer  2023

Summoning Summer Witch with Hydrangeas

As summer imparted its rays last year and Autumn’s fingers were brushing the earth, I drove by a local dentist’s office in Waynesville, NC. The beauty of the massive strawberry vanilla hydrangeas struck me. Frost was quickening the next week, so I decided to save them. After contacting the office for permission, my husband and I spent an entire week harvesting and preserving the blooms. It took us a whole week of work in the evenings to hang them to dry. We ended up with over 630 flowers.

Witch Photoshoot at The Yellow House Bed & Breakfast
Witch Photoshoot at The Yellow House Bed & Breakfast

The plan was to use them in a summer photoshoot, and when Brenna contacted me to inform me she was coming to Asheville for her spring vacation, we constructed a plan. Mandy graciously agreed to make a bespoke gown. Unfortunately, the day of the shoot poured rain, and I was left scrambling to change my ideas. Thankfully I have a lovely relationship with a local bed and breakfast, so I called in a favor. Chad, the owner of The Yellow House, invited me to set up there. 

Closeup of Brenna Mills posing as a Hydrangea Summer Witch
Summer Witch wearing a pink and purple gown designed by Mountain Flower Fantasies

After observing the space, Dallas & Andrea Eubanks invented the idea of summer bursting from a fireplace as our Summer Witch longed for the season. Her chants and prayers were being answered, and nature rewarded her by blooming indoors. Summer blessed her witch’s hat (created by Brenna Mills) and adorned it with flowers. It instantly changed her gown (Designed by Mountain Flower Fantasies)  to be the same hues emerging everywhere. Stimulated by the excitement, Brenna was then called outdoors to praise the earth with the rich green grass carpeting the lawn. She was revitalized and shocked that her spells had worked. Brenna had no idea of the power that had been building in her. It may have taken her years to pursue this level, but now it opened new doors of creativity that she must explore.

Colorful witch asleep in a bed of hydrangea blooms
Meet the Creative Team

Photographer: Sabrina L. Greene Photography

Photographer’s Assistant: Sara Cline

Model/Hat Design: Brenna Mills

Gown Design: Mandy Tweed of Mountain Flower Fantasies

Set Design/Makeup: Dallas and Andrea Eubanks

Venue Host: The Yellow House Bed & Breakfast Waynesville, NC