Inspired by Renoir

Photographers are artists and as such we evolve and try new styles and techniques. Since 2017 I have been heavily influenced by the works of impressionist master Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Renoir was known for his brash portrayal of light, movement, and bold combinations of pure complementary colors.

From my studies of him and other prominent photographers that embrace bold lighting and color, I have perfected my technique. However, just as he did several times throughout his career, I feel the need to change my own style. Interestingly enough he inspired Vincent Van Gogh!

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My well-known use of color has attracted people from all over the world and that journey has been vibrant! While I will continue to offer this color editing style to my clients it will no longer be my focus.


The answer is simple really, I need a new challenge! If you prefer more drama, bold color, and movie-style lighting don’t ever hesitate to tell me so. This skill will always be in my arsenal. You can request it by inquiring below!

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