Winter Elopement at Lake Junaluska

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Jessi and Josh met via a blind date over a game of Carolina Panthers football. You can not get more North Carolinian than that! A few months back they contacted Katrina and me via Destination Elopements WNC to plan their intimate elopement ceremony at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.

Lake Junaluska Elopement

In case you are wondering Lake Junaluska is a small man-made lake near Waynesville, NC that was created in 1913 to be a Methodist mountain retreat. Locals lovingly refer to it as “Lake J.” Katrina and I live only a few miles from this lake and walk its trails regularly for exercise.

But let’s get back to Jessi and Josh!

While Jessi was getting ready, I was immediately drawn to her precious one-year-old daughter Jenna! When I walked in, she was dressed like her mom and my heart melted instantly!

When I noticed her cowboy boots, she was stomping around in it made me squeal. Yes, I mean it I squealed because they were adorable!

As I always do, I ask my clients beforehand to tell me a little bit about their love story.

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How did you two meet?

Jessi told me that they met over a blind date at his house watching the Panthers play.

“The date was a little awkward, so I left early. But a week later he texted me and asked me out on a real date. Ever since then we have stuck together.”

When did you know he was the one?

Josh and Jessi had been together for several years, so I then asked how she knew Josh was the one:

“I just knew he was the one after our first year of dating. He met all my expectations of a man. In my eyes he was perfect!”

Sometimes love is like that. Knowing you want to marry someone isn’t always about having that jolting moment of realization like a flash of light. Although for some couples it is a flash of insight. However, often it is like Jessi’s thoughts. Love just comes softly with time.

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Tell Me About Your Proposal

“There wasn’t a lavish romantic proposal. We just knew that we wanted to get married, so we planned it together. We even picked out our rings together because Josh wanted me to be sure I got something I loved.”

My husband, JJ, and I did the same thing about two years ago. We went and looked at rings together and it is a memory I treasure. There is nothing wrong with making it a special date to pick out your rings and sharing every aspect of planning with one another. Every couple is different so do what is best for you.

What is one thing you love most about him?

Jessi said that the one thing she loves most about Josh is, “If I have to choose just one, I must say it is watching him be an amazing father to our little girl Jenna. It melts my heart.”

 But of course, we know she loves many things about her new husband. There is a special connection between a dad and his little girl. I’m happy to know that Jessi and Josh will have many years of joy raising their daughter.

Inspiration Point Lake Junaluska Elopement -24
Lake Junaluska Elopement -53

Why did you decide to get married in Western North Carolina?

I knew that they were both from the eastern part of the state, so I had to ask why they decided to get married in WNC.

Jessi told me, “We just wanted to enjoy being in the beauty of the mountains with our little girl. And we also knew we wanted our two best friends to join us and be our witnesses. Josh and I love winter and being outside.”

They left their ceremony to enjoy their honeymoon in Pigeon Forge, TN. Lake Junaluska was an easy stop along the way to getting there. It really was a perfect location for them.

Lake Junaluska Micro Wedding
Waynesville NC Wedding

What are your favorite wedding trends right now?

Lake Junaluska Elopement Sabrina L. Greene-5

Even though they did not have a large wedding Jessi wanted to recreate an antique/rustic look. She accomplished this with her and Jenna’s cowboy boots. She further added to this look with her ivory colored gown and touch of lace pinned beneath the dress. That lace was from her mother’s wedding dress and my favorite accessory she had on that day.

You do not have to have a lavish wedding to input your own twists and décor. Just add simple elegant touches to personalize your ceremony.

Asheville Elopement Photography
Elope Waynesville NC

I loved this elopement and being able to document their celebration of love. They had their ceremony at Inspiration Point and as always Katrina made it special for them. My husband was in attendance with me on this one and he and Jenna hit it off. Jessi said she likes to flirt, and she was having fun with him while everyone signed documents.

This elopement at Lake Junaluska was sweet, tender, and joyful. I wish Josh, Jessi, and Jenna a lifetime of love, joy, happiness, and adventure!

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