Abandoned Farmstead Fines Creek NC
Old Farmstead Upper Fines Creek Road, Clyde, NC in the Snow

Have I fallen between worlds and landed somewhere else? That is what I thought to myself over the weekend when I got out with my best friend and JJ to drive around and see the snowfall. Saturday’s snowfall wasn’t as significant as the ones I have witnessed, but it was still lovely. As I gazed out my window and took in the rolling landscape, all I could think about was “Wintering.”

I recently started reading a book by that name written by Katerine May. The North Carolina Arboretum had suggested it as part of their “Arboretum Reads” program. It has resonated deeply with me because I am sitting in a transition period that I thought would have already taken place by now. I never thought that transition periods could be compared to winter, but they can.

With the onslaught of winter, everything is stripped bare and raw to the world. Even the plant and animals seem to wait for the warmth of spring to arrive. Winter is a season for ghosts.

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Waiting for a New Season

That is what I was thinking about when I took this image. I am sure this abandoned home has all kinds of stories it could share with us. However, it sits at a transitional point on the road before it turns into the Pisgah National Forest. What ghosts haunt it today who watch the world drive by in their pursuit to see the natural beauty of the mountains?

I feel like this house, on the precipice of a well-maintained road and one that leads to the uncharted wilderness. For years I have been traveling the worn path of other photographers who made their livings working in the wedding industry. Yet, here I am in the mid-winter sitting at the crossroads waiting.

I’m waiting for all my new ideas, opportunities, and plans to come to fruition so I can start down the wilderness road, but I’m stuck. And I am not stuck due to misdeed or mistake; I’m simply waiting.

Being an all-or-nothing thinker, it drives me crazy to be sitting still. I hate waiting! 

Learning to Rest

Nevertheless, I believe there are things that I can learn from this season I find myself in at the moment. For example, I have learned that I need to rest once in a while, even though I believe I am a superwoman. One thing I am learning during this time is to take time to do things that are fun for me.

Snow Covered Mountain Road Upper Fines Creek NC

Reading has finally come back into my life since I have been off the road. I am also taking my camera out for the pure joy of capturing what draws my eye. I haven’t done it much, but Saturday, I did, and I felt Winter’s fingers caress my spine and remind me it’s ok to wait, even when I wish I could push the process forward.

The time will come soon enough when I can add life and flesh to the ghosts of my mind. Now, they are staring out the windows of my eyes and wondering when winter will leave. But I have to remind myself and my ghosts that if not for the lean times, I would be unable to fully appreciate the glory and abundance of the other seasons of my life.

Therefore, I will wait, just like this house with its stories, until the new season deems it is time to come find me. I may be tucked away on a forgotten mountain road near the wilderness, but I am preparing. When the sun returns, its warmth will split the seeds I have sown and cause them to burst forth with new life. It is going to happen, and I will survive the winter.

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