WNC Flooding Report by 5th Grader Aidan Hoglen

Today I attended my son’s IEP meeting at school, where I learned he continues to struggle with focus and comprehension. It has been difficult for all of us over the past few years but an idea struck me today about how to get him engaged. He loves to share his thoughts and ideas! As often as we can, I am going to allow him space on my blog to encourage him to share what he learns in hopes that it will encourage him to continue to love learning. Not every child learns the same way and if this helps him to grow, I am going to pursue it. Therefore, without further ado, my son, Aidan, is going to explain to you about flooding and its impact today in Haywood County, NC. He read an article on flooding you can find here, interpreted it, did a newscast, then wrote the following article for you all.

Hello I am Aidan Hoglen the national weather reporter. And now I am going to tell you about floods and how they happen. Today Haywood Schools was shut down for early dismissal because of the flooding and heavy rain .

What is a flood?       

A flood is a body of water that has water in the wrong place. An example is a bathtub overflowing with too much water in it.

What causes floods?

Heavy rain fall that started yesterday caused all of this mess and made the floods now in Western North Carolina.

Floods start after heavy rain fall that happens for a period of days. Flash floods happen vary fast and can wipe you of your feet in and only 15 CMS of water.

What are the effects of flooding?

Flooding is a dangerous thing because it can cut off roads and railway lines. Standing water that is left behind carries mold and bacteria and diseases. If you breath it in, then you can be very sick and could die! 

Floods can ruin crops, destroying farmland and buildings and drown all animals. It also can destroy homes and businesses. Our environment is getting threatened because of the flooding. Floods spread out toxic materials like paint and gasoline.

What you should do when a flood is happing.

Get to higher ground to be safe. Do not try to swim in it and do not drive in it either because it can lock up your engine and your wheels.  And also, listen to the local news.

Stay safe and be careful on the roads.

This is Aidan Hoglen the news reporter signing out! Love you all.

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