Blue Ridge Trains Canton NC Sabrina L Greene

Blue Ridge Trains Painting

“Blue Ridge Trains” by artist Sabrina L Greene It does not matter where we are if the sound of a train whistle blows my son

Looking Glass Falls Elopement Sabrina L Greene-14

Feist Elopement-Looking Glass Falls

A Looking Glass Falls Elopement Occasionally I have couples that book me for wedding photography services that I do not get to know very well.

Last of Fall Painting Sabrina L Greene Artist

Four Reasons I Love Fall & Winter

Thanksgiving has passed, and the air has finally chosen to nip at us playfully when we step outside. When I wake up in the morning,

Skull Study Anterior View Sabrina L Greene

What Do You Do You When You Fail

Stinking Thinking Do you ever get so disgusted with yourself that you ask, “Why do I do this? Why do I try?” I look back

Memories of Mop & Glo

View From My Grandmother’s Front Porch I don’t know why I remember my mother and grandmother waxing the floor of her house in the summer

Wedding Peeler-Sabrina L. Greene--3

Peeler Wedding Maggie Valley

Olivia and Thomas Peeler had a lively and fun wedding in Maggie Valley about a month ago at the Willow House and Social Barn. It