Bugling Elk-Sabrina L. Greene

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

“I can’t even draw stick people straight!” This has always been my automatic reply when someone commented on a previous painting I had created or

How to Set Your Mood for the Day

The sound of the alarm clock makes me groan every morning. I roll over most days and shake my husband awake if he hasn’t got

Avoid the Drama-Just Shine

“I don’t care what anyone thinks! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow me! I think the world needs to know…” How

Ara In the Wood-Part 2

Steeping deeper in the forest Ara looked up at the canopy of the trees. Very little light shone down through them from their impregnated darkness,

Ara In the Wood-Part 1

“If only I could change the circumstances of my life,” she sighed and mumbled quietly to herself. The sun was beginning to drift lazily into