Weddings of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains

Welcome to the online home of where I showcase the timeless beauty of weddings, especially those nestled in the heart of the Southern Appalachians. As a seasoned wedding photographer, my dedication extends beyond the camera, creating a heartfelt connection with couples embarking on their beautiful journey of marriage amidst the tranquil, awe-inspiring landscapes of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.

You’re not just another couple; you are the pulse of a distinctive love story ready to bloom against the backdrop of our rich Appalachian heritage. Every stolen glance, every burst of laughter, and every tear of joy will be forever enshrined in images that will transport you back to your special day for years to come.

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Adventure Engagement Session Pisgah National Forest Woodland Sabrina L Greene Photography
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Whether your day is an intimate elopement in a hidden mountain cove or a grand wedding with the vast Appalachian ranges as your backdrop, I am here to capture every intricacy, every delicate detail of your unique celebration.

Imagine your wedding day transformed into a timeless adventure, threading your love story through the tapestry of the region’s rolling blue hills, lush forests, and pristine mountain streams. Together, we’ll encapsulate the essence of your love against this mesmerizing canvas. From the vows exchanged under the vast sky, the joyful echoes of laughter with loved ones, to the tender first dance under a star-strewn canopy, your story will be told with a warmth, authenticity, and a touch of the Appalachian magic.

Your Love Story-Sabrina Greene Photography

I chose to use my photography to convey the glorious aspects of love. To capture its shimmering and pulsing essence for you to enjoy and relive over and over again. There is magic around us we just have to choose to seek it! Let me help you see the mystery and depths of your relationship through my lens.

There is a common misconception that when we wed our beloved, we lose a part of ourselves. I am here to tell you I do not believe that! Instead, I believe that through the connection of your partner you begin an astounding journey of self-discovery.

Highland Brewing Rooftop Wedding Photographer Asheville NC

Welcome to the captivating intersection of love, celebration, and photography, all under the watchful peaks of our Appalachian home. Let’s set forth on this journey of eternal commitment together, crafting cherished memories that mirror the pure, timeless love you share. Welcome to your love story, immortalized through the lens of Appalachian beauty.

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