Love is an adventure! It is an experience that is authentic to only the two of you. It is a quickening of the heart and soul, that blooms into an everlasting bond. You are making a commitment that will hold you through the seasons of your journey together. I understand this and I will help you curate a photography journal of images that will reflect who you are in this moment as you blaze this new trail of discovery together!

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I believe in light, everyday magic, and romance. For me, photography is an expression of many emotions and connections to everyone and everything around us. There is no lovelier emotion to capture than love.

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I chose to use my photography to convey the glorious aspects of love. To capture its shimmering and pulsing essence for you to enjoy and relive over and over again. There is magic around us we just have to choose to seek it! Let me help you see the mystery and depths of your relationship through my lens.

There is a common misconception that when we wed our beloved, we lose a part of ourselves. I am here to tell you I do not believe that! Instead, I believe that through the connection of your partner you begin an astounding journey of self-discovery.

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One way to embrace the extraordinary elements of love is to seek it out in the wild. I am a native to the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, although I do travel, and living in such an amazing location has taught me the practice of wandering to be awakened. Love is an awakening and when you pair it with the majesty of nature it ignites!

Let’s journey together, embrace wanderlust, and create a visual memoir that will shed light on your love story!

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